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10 Ways to get Started in Savannah Vacation Rentals

It is an exciting time to become part of Savannah’s growth as a travel destination. Vacation homes in Savannah are turning into viable investment vehicles for those who take the time to study this niche opportunity.

1. Understand your Investment Goals
There are different approaches to managing your vacation homes as Savannah rentals. Some investors may consider the property as a 100 percent investment, in which case, our job is to keep it fully rented. Other property owners may want to block off parts of the year to use the property for their regularly scheduled Georgia vacations.

2. Take the Time to Find the best Properties
Finding viable Savannah vacation rentals requires help from local real estate experts who are plugged in to the market.

3. Renovate and Furnish Smartly
The physical layout and interior aesthetics should appeal to diverse users yet remain practical and functional. Our design experts and project managers will recommend cost-efficient and low maintenance ways to improve the property.
4. Define a Marketing Strategy Compatible with your Goals
Rate management is a crucial part of an effective marketing program for your Savannah vacation rentals. Rates are adjusted according to projected demand, which would fluctuate based on factors such as special event schedules and time of year. Our marketing strategies ensure that your property is rented out even during the shoulder season. 

5. Let us Help you Optimize your Investment Outcome
Our property management program is two-prong: We aim to optimize the return on your investment while managing your Savannah vacation home efficiently to protect your asset. Our reputation as property managers is verifiable. Our Google review score is 4.9 out of a maximum possible score of 5 based on at least 173 reviews. The properties we manage and market consistently receive positive reviews in terms of physical condition and property management practices. We focus on providing a positive experience for guests so that they end up sharing positive stories with everyone, effectively advertising your property through word-of-mouth endorsements. The vacation homes we manage also do well on sites where we advertise.

6. Investing in a Property means Investing in the Community
We are fully aware of our role in maintaining community standards especially in the highly desirable areas such as the Savannah historic district. All of the properties we manage are cared for properly, and we adhere to the most stringent community code standards. We enforce strict guidelines on occupancy, guest activity and usage, noise level, parking and other occupancy restrictions. Guests are properly screened and thoroughly briefed to make sure they understand and respect expectations.

7. Responsive Property Management
Our property managers are available on a 24/7 basis for guest emergencies. Whether the property is currently occupied or not, problems that arise are immediately addressed and remediated. Where guests are concerned, we will respond even in the middle of the night. Otherwise, our offices are open 68 hours a week, which is more than any other property management outfit in the area.

8. Professional Management
You will have peace of mind knowing that your investment is under the care of professional property managers who are highly experienced in this business. Our team includes trained reservations staff, marketing experts, technical and administrative support and team leaders who ensure that guests’ concerns are addressed quickly with satisfactory results.

9. Efficient Communication
We understand your concerns as you embark on this new venture. As your professional partners and your local representatives, we will make sure that you are informed of all developments. Our website provides a portal where you can access information on your rental properties anytime at your convenience.

10. Take Advantage of our Expertise
We are Savannah and Tybee real estate experts, but we do not directly sell or list properties. Our in-house brokerage firm, Savannah Real Estate, handles buyer and seller representation in the area. With many years of experience in real estate, understanding of the local market and a knowledgeable real estate team, we can help you find the right investment vacation home. We will use our expertise to get your property ready very quickly, so you can start seeing the results of your investment efforts.

10 Steps to Ensure Successful Management of your Rental Vacation Homes in Savannah
If you have been in the business of providing accommodations for Georgia vacations, you should know the promises and the pitfalls of this business. It may be time to re-energize your investment efforts to boost your returns.

1. Find a Program that is Compatible with your Investment Goals
Southern Belle Vacation Rentals is a firm that understands that investors have different goals. We customize the marketing plan for your rental property based on your goals whether you expect maximum yield or break-even numbers.

2. Prepare a Historical Assessment of your Investment Property
To evaluate the full potential of your property, we may ask for information such as occupancy levels, income, guest feedback and history of neighborhood complaints and code compliance. We will help you establish the historical survey if you happen to be the new owner of existing vacation homes in Savannah.

3. Partner with a Reliable Property Management Firm
We have established a reputation as reliable property managers that will take care of your vacation rentals through judicious maintenance and repair schedules. Rental properties are proactively inspected, and issues are immediately addressed.

4. Work with a Local Management Firm that is Invested in the Community
Through effective maintenance, we make sure that your property is compliant with local building and safety codes. Beyond that, we make sure that guests enjoy their stay at your Savannah vacation rental to ensure valuable positive feedback, repeat business and word-of-mouth endorsements. We are respectful of the neighborhood and pre-screen guests carefully to ensure that they will be respectful of restrictions and boundaries.
5. Ensure that your Property Managers Respond to Issues Quickly
Efficient and timely response to guest issues enhance guest experience. Our offices are open 68 hours a week, but our managers are available on a 24-hour basis for any guest or homeowner emergency. We are open longer than any other vacation rental firm in Savannah and Tybee.

6. Create a Marketing Strategy that Supports your Goals
The marketing plan for your property should be tailored to your goals with due consideration for personal use of the place. The marketing plan will be adjusted according to your needs.

7. Profit Optimization through Local Representation
Our expertise in accommodations for Georgia vacations ensure effective rate management, which is crucial to optimizing your investment returns. Rates should be adjusted to make the most of peak travel seasons and re-calibrated to ensure occupancy during the shoulder seasons.

8. Trust your Investment with Professional Property Managers
Our Google review score is 4.9 out of a possible 5 points with at least 173 reviews and growing. Guests recognize that the vacation homes we manage are professionally run and maintained.

9. Communication is Key to Success
As a professional partner of your Savannah vacation home, we make sure that you stay informed about any issues relevant to your property. We provide a portal where you can access this information at your convenience.

10. Establish a Business Partnership with a Firm that is Invested in your Success
We view our relationship with property owners as a partnership. We are invested in your success. We are experts in the Savannah and Tybee real estate market although we do not directly list or sell properties. Savannah Real Estate is our in-house brokerage that can provide information and guidance should you wish to trade your existing vacation homes Savannah to realign your investment strategies.

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