Cozy Penthouse with Rooftop Terrace

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom | Sleeps 3

  4 guests
  1 bedroom
  1 bathrooms
  750 sq. ft.

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Sleeping Arrangement

Bedroom 1
1 King, 2 Twins


Savannah, Georgia is no stranger to adventure. As settlers, and even pirates, moved into what’s considered one of America’s greatest cities, the welcoming shores and myriad waterways gave birth to the city beloved by millions of visitors each year. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of strolling through its ancient alleyways or basking in the warm southern sun in one of the many parks sprinkled throughout the city, then you understand the seemingly otherworldly charm of this historic city. 

As a port city, Savannah is unlike almost anywhere else in the United States. Since its official establishment in 1773, this bustling coastal destination has welcomed untold numbers of travelers. Nestled along the Savannah River, it became an integral component in our newborn country. In fact, the Port of Savannah was among the busiest ports throughout the United States during the 19th Century. 

Throughout the centuries, Savannah became home to some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in America. Fueled by the nonstop influx of ships, and influenced by the myriad of cultures, the unique character and overwhelming charm of Savannah was born. 

If you’re searching for a vacation destination filled with the mysterious intrigue rarely found in modern cities, then look no further. 

Reimagining Savannah Vacation Rentals - Captain’s Quarters

Local legends of great pirate ships and immense cargo vessels run deep throughout the folklore of Savannah. While this coastal city may not be the grand port it once was, the history and traditions of those who dedicated their life to the sea remain ever-present. 

To say Savannah is a rare destination would be an incredible understatement. From its pristine city parks to its breathtaking architecture, shouldn’t your accommodations reflect the uniqueness this city is built upon? While standard hotel rooms are readily available throughout every neighborhood and district, Savannah vacation homes offer a chance to go beyond the sterile facade of modern hotel designs. 

Combining the history of this coastal city with the luxurious amenities of the finest hotels, Captain’s Quarters isn’t what you anticipate in vacation rentals Savannah GA. Designed to enrapture guests into a world rarely experienced by vacationers. 

Anchoring Expectations at Port Sophistication - Public Spaces

When you think about Savannah vacation homes, do you conjure images of bland and predictable accommodations? Although there are countless Savannah vacation rentals void of personality, charm and luxury, Captain’s Quarters doesn’t sail along the waters of predictability. 

Stepping into the Captain’s Quarters is like stepping off the land and into endless sea of sophistication. Immediately upon crossing its threshold, your eyes are treated to an interior design constructed to feel as if you’re entering the private staterooms of a celebrated ship captain. 

Wood paneled walls encapsulate the essence of nautical living, while its spacious interiors prevent the rooms from feeling too dark and cramped. Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends or family, the oversized living room and connected kitchen offer an excellent environment to recharge from a long day of sightseeing. 

Outfitted with overstuffed furniture, and a generous area rug, the living room offers a cozy world for weary travelers. The plush sofa and nautical themed armchair have ample seating space for five, while the exposed brick chimney perfectly offsets the wood-covered walls. Located in the corner of the living room is a generous flatscreen HDTV. 

Unlike many other Savannah vacation rentals, small splashes of personality are found throughout the entire home. From brass periscopes to delightful vases filled with flowers, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever stayed in any other accommodation. 

Making your away from the living room and toward the kitchen, the nautical theme continues. The white wooden slatted ceiling is perfectly highlighted by the angled roof corners, which is a design feature rarely seen in Savannah vacation homes. As you’d anticipate from quality Savannah vacation homes, the fully equipped kitchen comes with everything you need to make a delicious meal. 

Located off the kitchen is a full-sized washer and dryer, which is a rarity among all vacation rentals Savannah GA. Perhaps the most unique feature of Captain’s Quarters is the ladder found next to the dining room table, which offers eating for four. Climb this ladder and experience a hidden nook that’s ideal for close encounters with loved ones and quiet moments alone. 

Refined Sleeping Quarters for Rejuvenating Rest - Private Facilities

Captain’s Quarters can accommodate up to three guests within its one bedroom and one bathroom floor plan. Located off the living room, the bedroom features a king sized bed, which is perfectly positioned under a slanted rom highlighted by two skylights. The accompanying twin sized bed is tucked away in a private nook, while the exposed brick wall delivers a dose of antiquity. 

While the majority of Savannah vacation rentals feature dreary and uninspired bathrooms, this bathroom is far from standard. Its white walls are illuminated by the angled skylight, which offers ample light to prepare for the day. 

Disembark in the Heart of Savannah - Location

Nestled along the southeastern corner of Lafayette Square, Captain Quarters places you in one of the most desirable neighborhoods throughout all of Savannah. Within a matter of minutes, you have access to the best culinary treats and historic attractions, which is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding traveler. 

If you wish to leave your car parked, then you’re in luck. No matter which direction you take, you’re only steps away from such famed attractions as the Andrew Low House Museum, Flannery O’Connor Home Museum and the architectural gemstone, The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. 

Whether you’re planning to visit during one of the many annual festivals, or are simply in search of a true getaway, Captain’s Quarters offers a location few vacation rentals Savannah GA provide. 

Raising the Sails to Your Perfect Vacation - Book Your Stay Today!

Combining the essence of a luxurious hotel with the comforts of home, Captain’s Quarters delivers more than a safe harbor for sleep. Within its 750 square feet of living space, this rental offers a myriad of amenities to glide you into the mist of pure relaxation. Although there are many vacation rentals Savannah GA within this neighborhood, few are as charming and unique as this inspired home. 

Because of its location and brilliant design, Captain’s Quarters is a popular option during peak season. Don’t get left out to sea, book your stay before the ship sails without you!


  • King sized bed
  • Twin bed
  • One bath with soft comfy towels
  • Flatscreen TVs
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Full Kitchen
  • Wi-fi
  • Central Heat & Air
  • Private Parking
  • Walk everywhere
  • Standard Drip Coffee Pot



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