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29 Jul 2022
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Photo Credit: LA Times

The goal is to make baseball fun. And the Savannah Bananas accomplish that better than anyone. With more than 2.8 million TikTok followers, 65.9 million “likes” and several videos with more than one million views, this sports franchise is making a name for themselves.

From USA Today to ESPN to CBS Sunday Morning and the Boston Globe, the team makes international news. And it may just be the most fun spectators have ever at a baseball game. It may also be difficult to get tickets, as these seasonal seats go fast. ESPN called it “part circus and part professional wrestling, with cruise-like entertainment and Harlem Globetrotter sensibilities.” 

The pitcher starts a dance before a pitch; runners round the bases moving like Jack Sparrow. A batter on stilts. Players wearing kilts. The Bananas put on a show that’s worth the price of admission. Plus, there is a pretty good baseball game thrown in. 

The team has been around for about six years, and plays a form of the game that owner Jesse Cole calls Banana Ball. There is a two-hour time limit to games. Players do choreographed dance routines between pitches. 

The players are good. The team competes in the Coastal Plan League West Division and had a 36-8 record in 2021. Eighty of its former players have made it to The Show, the Major Leagues, and more than 600 are in the minor league baseball system. 

Spectators watch the team play at William L. Grayson Stadium, a 1926-circa facility outside Savannah’s Historic District. Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Lou Gehrig all played on this field.

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If you nab a $20 ticket, it includes all the ballpark snacks you can eat and drink. So, sit back and enjoy the game/show.