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Savannah, Georgia is a special destination that is suitable for romantic getaways, family gatherings, or much-needed downtime from a hectic schedule. This is the quintessential setting that offers something for everyone: history lessons, architectural tours, art shows, carriage rides, and curated ghost adventures. The Savannah historic district, which is made up of the Downtown Historic District north of Forsyth Park and the Victorian Historic District south of the Forsyth area, is a treasure trove of historic squares, antebellum mansions, and little-known places of interest that provide clues to the city's rich history.

Savannah welcomes everyone with the graciousness of a southern host. Dubbed as the Hostess City of the South, Savannah offers various options to accommodate the unique needs of travelers. Established hotel chains and mid-level hotel franchises are well-represented here, but Savannah vacation homes provide convenient and comfortable alternatives.

Many of the historic Savannah rentals are single-family homes. These properties were carefully chosen for their location in relation to downtown amenities. Properties vary in size, starting with one-bedroom, one-bath units to massive five-bedroom or more mansions. In all cases, these properties have all the amenities of a home, including a fully equipped kitchen, a laundry unit, and a spacious living area for entertaining the entire family and other guests. Often, the kitchen is a turnkey feature. Guests are often surprised to arrive in their historic Savannah rental to find that the kitchen comes with equipment and basic supplies. You can get your vacation started in a relaxing moment instead of rushing out for a grocery run.

Indoor and outdoor living areas are standard amenities in single-family historic Savannah rentals. Outdoor living spaces may come in the form of a private courtyard with caf seating or a second-floor balcony overlooking the city. These are perfect spots for sipping sweet tea while enjoying the afternoon breezes.

Another advantage of a single-family Savannah vacation home is the privacy afforded to guests. You have the freedom to come and go as you please without worrying about rousing the guests next door or having curious people wonder about your non-traditional waking hours. Single-family Savannah vacation homes are well-suited for very large groups, including family reunions and joint family vacations. The secret is finding the type of property that is suitable for the size of your group. Some properties may limit the number of guests by defining the number of beds and bedrooms, but this is not usually a rigid number. Accommodations can be made for slightly larger groups especially if guests can provide the extra bedding. That said, remember that this is the south where warmth and hospitality are parts of the tradition. Don't hesitate to ask for extended accommodations, and don't be surprised when you get a positive response.


The Savannah historic district may be the ideal spot for your home away from home but expect some parking limitations. On-street parking may be restricted in some areas and virtually non-existent in others. However, single-family Savannahvacation homes typically provide one or more parking spaces within the property. This is especially convenient for families with young children and the gear that comes with traveling with children.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Savannah historic district is to explore the city on foot. Joining one of the walking tours is a good start, but taking self-guided tours, especially spontaneous ones, can lead to interesting discoveries. While this isn't the city that never sleeps, there are things to do at different times of the day or evening.

Forsyth Park is a can't-miss attraction. This is a 30-acre oasis in the heart of downtown Savannah. It is designed for relaxing promenades along picturesque walking paths, shaded seating areas, and a place for children and dogs to frolic. Forsyth Park also comes with a scented garden targeted to the visually challenged. The park bridges the southern end of the Downtown Historic District and the Victorian Historic District.

The city of Savannah expanded and developed based on the Oglethorpe Plan named after General James Oglethorpe. Wards were anchored by a square surrounded by designated trust and tithing blocks. As the city grew, more wards were added with each ward anchored by a square. At some point, the city had a total of 24 squares, but many had fallen into disrepair due to neglect. Fortunately, preservationists and historians stepped in and pushed for restoration and dedicated preservation. Twenty-two of these squares have been preserved, and each one is named after a historic person, place, or event. You can walk to many of these squares from historic Savannah rentals, and it is noteworthy that no two of these squares are exactly the same. Take the time to explore these squares to get a good sense of the city's unique legacy.

Restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops are within a short walk of most downtown Savannah vacation homes. If you prefer to do your own cooking, which many guests like to do in single-family rentals, a weekend farmers' market is held at the south end of Forsyth Park. Otherwise, City Market and other stores on Broughton Street are the places to go to pick up supplies.


There are many ways to enjoy Savannah, but if you crave privacy, convenience, and comfortable quarters where you can spend a memorable vacation with family and friends, consider staying at a single-family historic Savannah rental.