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Tybee Island alone has around five miles of beaches and is the strip of land by Savannah that is farthest out to sea. Although it's a fairly sizable tract of land, most of it is uninhabited marshland with a permanent population of around 3,000. That means that you'll be able to enjoy Savannah's pristine beaches with a bit of privacy. Fortunately, you're only a few minutes away from Savannah's active downtown and nightlife.

Our Savannah vacation rentals offer a different type of experience. You'll be right in the middle of the popular Savannah Historic District with a history stretching back nearly 300 years. Both the city and state have enacted regulations over the years to preserve Savannah's deep and unique cultural heritage, so when you stay in one of our Savannah vacation homes with pools, you're staying in a home with many features like brick walls and iron decorations still intact after hundreds of years.

Just because our Savannah vacation homes with pools were built hundreds of years ago doesn't mean that they lack any of the modern comforts we all take for granted. They've been updated with air conditioning, energy-efficient appliances, and modern flourishes like LED lighting. Each property comes with a full kitchen, and many of our Tybee vacation homes with pools actually come with at least one kitchenette to help feed large parties. Each property also has at least two full bathrooms, and some of our larger Tybee vacation rentals come with as many as four. 

Inside, you'll find spacious and fully furnished living rooms, dining rooms, and balconies with scenic views of the city or sea. Family vacations are the perfect opportunity to bond with your loved ones, but you'll have more than enough room to have an hour or two of alone time. You'll also find high definition TVs, Internet access, ceiling fans, and even private elevators depending on the property at which you're staying.

You won't have to worry about finding a parking spot either! Our Tybee vacation rentals provide two to three parking spots that are either reserved or located inside a garage. Parking can be a little trickier downtown, but our Savannah vacation homes with pools also come with at least two reserved parking spaces.


All of our Savannah vacation rentals offer a level of comfort and privacy that hotels can't hope to match at rates that would put them out of business. With rates starting at just $185 a night, comparable hotel rooms in the area cost twice or even three times as much. Our Tybee vacation homes with pools can also accommodate up to 16 guests, which could easily run up to $1,000 per night at a local hotel.

Savannah has some of the best food on the East Coast, but eating even a single meal per day will save your family hundreds over the course of a week. Better yet, you can grab a late-night snack without hopping in the car or calling up room service. Need to restock some items in the fridge or pantry? Grocery stores and pharmacies are located just a few blocks away from our Tybee vacation homes with pools to meet all of your vacation needs.

If there is one case to make for staying in Savannah, it is to see the Savannah Historic District. Originally founded in 1733, the city is home to 22 squares, hundreds of preserved buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, and countless other attractions for anyone with an interest in history. Because our Savannah vacation rentals are located within the Savannah Historic District, you can step outside in the morning and step back 300 years to a time when the United States did not even exist as a nation.

Nothing is better than sightseeing the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist or walking around Forsyth Park in the morning and then retiring to the cool comfort of your pool after lunch. Just like our homes, every pool is unique some are private, some are shared by all building residents and guests, and some are even heated! In any case, you're destined for a relaxing time, and when you're done with your swim, you can stroll downstairs and onto the beach to catch that warm afternoon Georgia sun

We know that our Tybee vacation rentals are so comfortable that you might not want to leave them all day, but we recommend a few must-see attractions to all of our guests. A good place to get started is the Savannah History Museum located right off of Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. Inside, you'll get a taste of Savannah's history, and then you can hop aboard one of the trolley tours that operate out of the same parking lot. Your guide will take you on a tour of all 22 historic squares as well as many of the more famous landmarks in the city, and these tours function as a convenient way to get around Savannah as they make numerous stops throughout the city.