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Savannah, Georgia is all kinds of beautiful as a travel destination.

Graceful mansions have been faithfully restored and repurposed against a backdrop of towering oaks draped with Spanish moss. The tree-shaded avenues and parks are protected as integral elements of the cityscape. Savannah's historic squares have been restored as valuable urban green spaces that define the city's grid layout. Forsyth Park, 30 acres of manicured gardens and quiet seating areas, serves as a link between the city's historic districts in the downtown and Victorian neighborhoods and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Savannah is a heady mix of history, art and culture, mysticism and folk legends. It is the kind of vacation destination that can be relaxing or activity-packed, depending on your preferences. Opt for downtown Savannah rentals, and you will be at the heart of the action with restaurants and shopping strips within walking distance. If you prefer the calmer section of the city, historic Savannah rentals in the Victorian District are the way to go.

If you are traveling with a big group for one of Savannah's annual festivals, there are different types of Savannah vacation rentals to choose from, including townhouses, waterfront mansions, and freshly renovated historic homes among several others. Savannah College of Art and Design hosts an annual film festival that brings in droves of celebrities and movie buffs. Likewise, the annual Jazz Festival and various SCAD art festivals draw big crowds that might make it difficult to find suitable accommodations for your group during the festival weekends.

Take a closer look at the city's layout and the architectural showcase in the Downtown Historic District and the Victorian Historic District. The antebellum mansions are difficult to ignore, but there are smaller structures that are equally interesting. Carriage houses that were once part of large estates have been turned into modern Savannah vacation rentals, but the exteriors evoke the atmosphere of a slower and gentler era.


However, when it comes to historic Savannah rentals, cottages top the list of coziest accommodations for smaller groups. Cottages that have been converted to Savannah vacation rentals have been retrofitted with modern conveniences, including air conditioning, upgraded kitchens, and contemporary bathrooms. At the same time, much of the original design flourishes are integrated into the renovated project to meet historic preservation guidelines.

Unlike carriage houses, cottages were not typically part of a larger estate in Savannah. It is possible that some of the existing cottages were built for farmworkers in Georgia's plantations, but that is difficult to establish since most cottages appear as independent units with their own gardens or farms. A cottage is a small house that may have one or two bedrooms designed as loft units. A fireplace is integral to the design because these houses had to be self-contained to provide households with basic amenities such as a hearth for cooking and keeping the cottage heated during the colder months.

Cottages that are currently being used as downtown Savannah rentals have been rehabbed to meet building code requirements. Kitchens may be smaller than in other types of vacation rentals, but you can expect them to be fully functional so that you can prepare your own meals or even cook for a party. A nice touch is when the kitchen comes stocked with basic supplies to make sure that you have what you need when you get there. Likewise, bedrooms and bathrooms are furnished and decorated, using the cottage chic theme. Should you need to shop for supplies, Broughton Street is the place to go.

Parking is an issue in most parts of Savannah's downtown area especially during the peak of the season with special events on the calendar. However, many of the historic Savannah rentals may provide assigned parking spaces, but make sure to inquire when you make your reservations. Verify this information as you check in especially if you are told to use on-street parking spaces. Note that street sweeping is scheduled at certain times during the week, and this may affect access to your assigned space.

Outdoor living spaces are usually part of the facilities in downtown Savannah rentals. In cottages, these spaces may include a small garden with a park bench, a quiet courtyard that may be shared with adjoining units or a front porch with a swing. If you are fortunate, these outdoor spaces may provide downtown views or a glimpse of a Savannah square if not Forsyth Park itself.


The size and layout of Savannah cottages make them perfectly suited for vacation homes. The interior living space is usually a spacious great room that can be configured for a dining area, entertainment space for guests and even as a bedroom extension with convertible couches. Whether you plan to stay for a weekend or for a few weeks, having a cozy cottage to come home to after a day of walking tours and museum hopping is a soothing way to wind down and plan for another day of architectural explorations and historical reenactments.

Savannah is a travel destination that will keep calling you back after having experienced it once. The place and the people demonstrate what southern hospitality is all about, and the city is a cultural hub where people of diverse interests gather to experience the music, the food, and the energy that define Savannah today.