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If you choose to stay on Tybee Island, then you'll have easy beach access and access to opportunities for water activities. Shops on the island can outfit you with surfing, snorkeling, and kayak equipment among others. You can even take part in lessons to learn a new skill. If you'd rather just relax on the water, then consider checking out of one of the charters for fishing or for dolphin tours. Two of the top attractions on Tybee Island are the Tybee Lighthouse and Museum and the Tybee Marine Science Center. Combined, the two attractions offer glimpses at Tybee's past and present, at least in terms of ecology. If you want to know more about the ecology, you can take part in the Tybee Beach Ecology Trip, which is conducted by a marine biologist.

You have a number of options when it comes to choosing Savannah Vacation homes in the Savannah historic district. You can consider homes near historic Savannah squares, such as Forsyth Park, or ocean view homes on Tybee Island, townhomes or cottages among other styles. If you have a large party, however, then large homes in Savannah will likely be your best choice in historic Savannah rentals. Fortunately, Southern Belle has a large number of large homes in Savannah that can fit your party's needs. These amazing mansions can house up to 38 guests, depending on the house. Some of them are grand mansions and others are estates with more than one house on them. You can find some of them on Tybee Island, and others near historic Savannah squares. All of them come with Southern Belle's signature top-quality amenities such as wireless Internet, flat-screen TVs, gourmet kitchens, ceiling fans, and fully furnished rooms.

Despite the nostalgic historic appearances of these estates and mansions, they are totally modern on the inside with current appliances and modern conveniences. At the same time, the historic charm is not lost as much of the decor reflects an earlier and simpler time. The expansive size of these historic Savannah rentals is perfect for multiple families vacationing or a group of friends. Some houses even come with more than one kitchen and living area to give some separation. The great thing is that they are still centrally located, which gives you the same opportunities to easily explore Savannah as you would get in smaller Savannah Vacation homes. The benefit of staying in larger homes in the Savannah historic district when you have a large vacation party is that you won't have to make plans on where to meet up. 

The historic city of Savannah, Georgia is one of the most popular vacation destinations on America's east coast, and for good reason. If you ever wanted a glimpse into America's past, then the Savannah historic district provides the perfect little window. Elegant mansions line the streets, interspersed with Spanish-moss draped oak trees. The green in Savannah is one of its top qualities, including the number of historic Savannah squares that have been restored and maintained. Among these squares is Forsyth Park, which is probably Savannah's most famous park and covers 30 expertly manicured acres, including fragrant gardens and peaceful sitting areas.

Savannah is a complex mixture of Southern culture, history, and art. It can easily be a relaxed, low-key vacation destination with much walking and viewing, or it can be full of activity, depending on what visitors desire from it. One thing is certain, however, and that is that Savannah Vacation homes are the way to experience this city at its best. Staying in one of the many available historic Savannah rentals is the best way to have the city at your fingertips. You can be within easy walking distance of many of the top sites, not to mention restaurants and shopping. Even if you have a large party, there are equally large homes in Savannah and Tybee Island available for rent near the things you want to see.

Staying in Tybee offers quick access to Savannah and all of its attractions, if you stay in the Savannah historic district, then you can walk to many of the popular sites. In the heart of the city is the four blocks known as the City Market. There you can find a marketplace reminiscent of the markets of old, including stores, artist lofts, craft shops, and much more. One of the top attractions in Savannah is River Street. Often the site of various festivals in the city, it is always a scenic waterfront walkway with even more shopping and restaurants. Another great way to explore Savannah is to take one of the many tours available. Consider the Old Town Trolley Tour or one of the many ghost tours such as Hauntings.

However, you choose to enjoy Savannah on your next vacation, if you have a large party, there's no better start than booking one of Southern Belle's large homes in Savannah & Tybee Island!