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13 Aug 2013
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Few places offer children the chance to roam unconstrained while they indulge their lively sense of curiosity and wonder in the world around them. The Savannah Children’s Museum is one such place.

In the Downtown Region of the Tricentennial Park

Found in the downtown region of the Tricentennial Park, the museum shares its turf with other interesting locations supported by the Coastal Heritage Society. For children full of vivacious spirits or possessed of restless bodies the Exploration Center of the Savannah Children’s Museum is an awesome adventure just waiting to be investigated!

Seekers of fun and wonder can find the museum near the Georgia State Railroad Museum as well as the Savannah Visitor’s Center. For families and individuals ready to roam and experience fun filled learning events the children’s museum offers a huge exhibit that sprawls expansively over one acre of land. The exhibit includes activities that incite the senses and explore the imagination! Children and adults alike can take part in interactive games that engage the mind and body.

The Savannah Children’s Museum

The Savannah Children’s Museum intertwines the learning method and the art of having fun while providing opportunities for visitors to use their motor skills. Subject matter offered up for exploratory games and activities include mathematical concepts, scientific principles, art presentation and theories and literacy.

The Savannah Children’s Museum offers its delights to the public Monday through Saturday during the hours of 9 AM to 2 PM. The hours are perfect for entertaining children. The museum also offers scheduled programming which can be checked by using their online calendar at their website.

People interested in the fantastic discovery opportunities to be marveled at and enjoyed can choose to follow the museum’s Twitter/savannahkidschs. The museum staff thoughtfully provides an info box compatible with tweeting that shows visitors changes in the programs at the exploration center which may be impacted by climate patterns.

Coastal Georgia City Offers a Culture Rich in Heritage

Anyone interested in taking advantage of this wonderful place created to engage and grow a children’s joy in exploration should find it a cost effective outing suitable for all ages desiring a field trip. General admission costs $7.50 a visitor. Visitors planning outings can use the address of 655 Louisville Road, Savannah GA 31401 to locate the museum.

The Savannah Children’s Museum offers all visitors wide open spaces and entertaining, educational places. Don’t miss out on this delightful location or the surrounding adventure filled opportunities. It’s an easy transition from exploring one’s senses at the Exploration Center to being enchanted by the Roundhouse, another name past generations called the Georgia State Railroad Museum located next door.

The community of this Coastal Georgia city offers a culture rich in heritage, learning and fun. If the kids are clamoring to get out of the house be they young or old then take them here to the Savannah Children’s Museum.