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18 Jan 2021
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SUP stands for stand up paddleboard! It's a new and exciting way to enjoy our waterways and oceans. Paddleboarding is a form of surfing – you propel yourself through the water while standing on a paddleboard (a fat surf board). And what better place to paddleboard than Tybee Island? You can get a work out while paddling your board around the island, taking in the marine life, shore birds and exquisite water views.

Here are a few places that can help you with your paddleboard experience.

Tybee Island Paddleboarding

East Coast Paddleboarding

East Coast Paddleboarding offers equipment rental and sales, lessons, and two different tours. The Little Tybee/Sand Bar Tour is the most popular and is suitable for beginners. It begins with the basics of SUP, then paddles out to the shifting sand bars and if time allows out to Little Tybee. The Horsepen Creek Tour heads up Horsepen Creek, a tranquil marsh tidal creek.

At East Coast Paddleboarding, you can sign your kids up for their Paddleboarding Summer Camp, where they will learn water safety and paddling techniques. Equipment is supplied for both the camp and tours. To register for summer camp, lessons and tours, equipment sales, or to reserve equipment rentals, visit their website:

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AOK Watersports

AOK Watersports offers lessons, tours and kiteboarding lessons (another exciting sport to try!) on Tybee and the surrounding coastal and tidal areas. They offer two different Paddleboarding tours exploring the coastal waterways and barrier islands – one for beginner riders and one for more experienced riders. They also offer a SUP yoga class and sell gear for Kiteboarding and Paddleboarding. To sign up for a tour, yoga class or buy equipment, visit their website

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Savannah Canoe and Kayak

Although their office and retail shop is in Savannah, Savannah Canoe and Kayak offers paddleboarding tours on Tybee Island as well as the Skidway Narrows and Ebenezer Creek. They offer two levels of paddleboard instructional courses covering the skills, etiquette, and techniques. Begin your Tybee Island SUP tour with an overview of SUP basics, then paddle out along Tybee's south beaches before heading across to Little Tybee. Contact them at 912-341-9502 or visit their website.

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Experience Paddleboarding on Tybee Island

Paddleboarding can be a calming, solitary exercise, or it can be an activity for the entire family. With its ever-changing marsh, river and ocean views – and accompanying wildlife - Tybee Island is a great place for paddleboarding. Book your stay in our Tybee Island rentals and enjoy a paddleboarding adventure!