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21 Aug 2018
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As we continue our culinary tour of Tybee Island, you may be thinking that seafood is all that available, but that is far from true. In spite of the casual and laid-back vibe of island life, you can also find sophistication and style in the form of 80 East Gastropub, an upscale restaurant serving their unique take on the comforts foods we all know so well here in the south. Open every day of the week from noon until 1 AM on weekends and from 3 PM until 1 AM weekdays, this moderately priced restaurant and bar is famous for it’s ice cream sandwich made with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

80 East: Located at 725B 1st Street

This intimate eatery stands out from all the rest of the buildings in the area with the blue umbrellaed tables that offer a scenic spot to enjoy a good meal al fresco. Inside, the décor is simple, clean, and elegant, allowing the food served there to be the star of the show. Sleek and modern, the comfortable metallic-topped booths add a sparkle to the black and white photography adorning the walls. For those afraid to miss out on the big game, televisions hanging in the corners will ensure you don’t miss an inning or a quarter.

The Menu

Eclectic and varied, the menu at 80 East offers a little bit of everything, including a taste of seafood. (We live on an island, we can’t get away from it completely! It would be wrong!) Start your meal out right with a Lobster and Shrimp Fondue, made with roasted corn, jack & Vermont cheddar, onion, peppers, and corn tortillas, then move on to the main course with a fresh and delicious Salmon BLT or a plate of wings served with a large selection of sauces. Offering gyro flatbreads and juicy burgers, the food served at 80 East Tybee Island is an innovative version of our favorite bar foods, and the care taken with the presentation adds something wonderful to the taste. Every bite of every dish tastes better than the last, and many of our staff members can be found here on random Tuesday nights smiling as all that well-prepared goodness hits their stomachs!

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