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19 Jul 2013
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Once you’re comfortably settled into your lovely Southern Belle Vacation Rentals accommodations, you might wonder where to eat during your stay. If you’d like something kind of homey with great food and lots of charm, J. Christopher’s, a breakfast and lunch café in downtown Savannah, fits that description to a T. Founded more than 15 years ago in Marietta, Georgia, J. Christopher’s expanded to Savannah and brought their classic dishes with creative touches right along with them.

J Christopher’s for Breakfast

Breakfast is served during all open hours so that those late risers who crave morning fare, or anyone who just likes breakfast a whole lot, can satisfy their hunger with plenty of options. Naturally, there are pancakes, waffles, and French toast, but check out the Blueberry Crunchcakes with granola mixed right in for a unique and satisfying meal. Don’t forget about the fruit-filled crepes for a sweet and light touch.

If eggs would hit the spot, J. Christopher’s has got them any way you like it. Numerous omelets with selected, hearty fillings start you off right, or build your own with a generous selection of ingredients. No breakfast menu would be complete without a choice of combination plates and skillets featuring eggs and other favorites, and the variety available at J. Christopher’s will have you coming back daily. Try the Eggs Benedict or perhaps the Eggs Christopher which adds new tastes of smoked turkey, bacon, and tomato to the classic dish.

Bakery items include rolls, bagels, and biscuits, and a Lighter Side menu offers tasty choices for the diet conscious. Lots of great sides make any meal a customized delight and the kid’s menu is sure to appeal to the little ones.

The lunch choices are equally varied and delicious, including fresh-made soups and distinctive salads. Santa Fe Black Bean Soup is a regular choice, but also ask about the day’s Signature Soup. The Chicken Cobb and Chicken Waldorf salads bring new life to old favorites, and the Bistro Salad is a customer favorite with its sweet and spicy mix of goat cheese, pecans, and fresh and dried fruit atop baby greens.

Lunch in Downtown Savannah

Quesadillas bring a touch of the Southwest to the South, but a lunch skillet of shrimp and grits keeps tradition alive. Creative sandwich combinations continue the theme of new variations on longtime favorites such as the BLT that becomes a BLAT with salmon and avocado, or the J. Christopher Club that adds a fried egg to the usual club ingredients. There’s always something new and different about the dishes at this comfortable, casual establishment.

Burger lovers will find much to appreciate too whether it’s a classic burger or something with that J. Christopher twist. Try the Cheeseburger Taco or Pimento Cheese Burger for a new taste.

J. Christopher’s prides itself on fresh, healthy ingredients that maintain the highest quality. They’re open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day and lunch begins at 11 a.m. You’ll even find seasonal specials while enjoying a delicious meal at this breakfast and lu