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4 Aug 2013
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When you take a trip to Savannah you’ll experience a number of southern traditions such as our hospitality and cuisine. Savannah vacation dining in downtown Savannah includes a variety of food options. For instance, our city’s restaurants serve authentic southern fare, traditional American meals, and European dishes.

About Leoci’s Trattoria

Leoci’s Trattoria opened in 2009 and serves savory Italian cuisine such as homemade pastas and pizza. When you dine at the downtown Italian eatery you can choose a classic European dining experience as the restaurant features an outdoor deck, heated during the fall and winter. The establishment’s ambiance is contemporary, friendly, and features an extensive wine list. If you suffer from food allergies then Leoci’s Trattoria is a good dining selection because the restaurant will try to accommodate your food needs. The restaurant and its chef have won several awards such as “Best Italian Food” in 2012 from Connect Savannah Magazine. Chef Roberto Leoci received the magazine’s title of “Best Chef” during 2011 and 2012. Chef Roberto Leoci has worked in some of the world’s best restaurants but decided to bring authenticity back to America’s Italian cuisine. His recipes balance simple ingredients with modern cooking techniques.

As a child, Leoci spent his summers in Sicily where he discovered an appreciation for the country’s cuisine. When he became older, he decided to work in the food industry and gained his culinary education in Florence. Leoci began his food career as a private chef for several famous families. Later, he helped a friend open a restaurant in Savannah and was inspired to start his own eatery. Roberto Leoci uses farm fresh ingredients from local suppliers. For instance, his beef and pork products come from the Hunter Cattle Company, while the Southern Swiss Dairy and Sweet Grass Dairy provide the restaurant’s cream, milk, and cheese. For fish, Leoci orders supplies from Wild Georgia Shrimp and Spatking Oysters.

Leoci’s Trattoria Menu Details

Leoci’s Trattoria has a lunch and dinner menu. When you dine at the establishment for lunch you can choose to eat a Caesar or beet salad. You can also order a grilled Panini. The eatery’s Panini choices include vegetarian, pork, and chicken. Leoci’s also serves homemade pasta dishes for lunch. Pasta selections consist of vegetarian spaghetti, rigatoni, and meatball spaghetti. For dinner you can choose an appetizer like grilled vegetables and Italian cold cuts along with Sicilian grown green olives and cheese. The restaurant’s entrée options feature pizza, pasta dishes, and soup. Be sure to check the Chef’s Specials as you can choose to eat steak, fish, and specialty Italian dishes. The wine list consists of merlot, pinot noir, and chardonnay.

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