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18 May 2013
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Trendy bistros with impressive drink lists and innovative menus come and go in downtown Savannah, but few make a mark on the local nightlife scene like Local 11 Ten has. Located in the lovingly restored Old Savannah Bank Building, this place is just steps from beautiful Forsyth Park and the campus of SCAD. We’re always happy to drop in at Local 11 Ten for an elegantly prepared culinary adventure or a relaxing after-dinner glass of wine, and we know you will be as well.

Local 11 Ten embraces farm-to-table cuisine in a way that few other downtown Savannah restaurants have. Most of the meats, cheeses and produce items that the place serves come from within a 200-mile arc of Savannah, and Chef Brandy Williamson is always on the lookout for high-quality suppliers within easy driving distance. Whether you order a delicious bison hanger steak with lemon-ricotta yogurt, or stick to the charcuterie with authentic sauerkraut and focaccia, you’ll enjoy some of the best produce that Georgia has to offer.

Local 11 Ten Fine Dining Restaurant

Make no mistake: Local 11 Ten is a fine dining restaurant. With its sublime presentations and innovative combinations, the restaurant’s kitchen team knows what it’s doing. At the same time, the place doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard. We always bring a hearty appetite to Local 11 Ten, and we’ve never left with pangs of regret or holes in our wallet. This is one of those special restaurants that gives you exactly what you pay for — and makes sure to surpass your expectations in the process.

We’re also impressed by Local 11 Ten’s versatility. Unlike some of the newer high-end Savannah restaurants that stick to small plates and integrated entrees, Local 11 Ten’s menu also features a more traditional section that lets you pair made-to-order meats and fish with a la carte sides like “herb roasted new potatoes” and sausage-infused Brussels sprouts. Our biggest complaint with this section of the menu is that it makes for a mouth-watering ordering process.

Extra-Special Romantic Dinner

As befits one of the cornerstones of Savannah’s dining scene, Local 11 Ten offers multiple dining and drinking venues. The place’s rooftop “Perch” is known throughout the city for its verdant design and magnificent views, and its semi-private “vault room” is a perfect-setting for an extra-special romantic dinner. Meanwhile, a slick bar area and traditional Savannah dining room offer an ambiance that’s hard to recreate. Local 11 Ten’s proprietors have gone through considerable trouble to obtain new or reused cuts of metal and wood to make the place their own. Fixtures like a candle-lit “community table” invites diners to mingle with one another are a particular treat.

With a 50-person private dining facility, Local 11 Ten is also among Savannah‘s most exclusive destinations for corporate events and intimate family celebrations. The private area features the bank’s original drive-through window, a novel touch that reminds us how blessed we are to live in a city that drips with history. Whether you’re dropping by for a quick bite to eat before an art show, or feel like lingering for a few glasses off of the extensive wine list, you won’t be disappointed by Local 11 Ten.