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21 Aug 2018
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Although our homes come with fully equipped kitchens, chances are you aren’t going to want to spend your entire Tybee Island vacation slaving away making meals, especially when you know how good we Southerners are at creating hearty and delicious meals! Tybee Island is home to a large selection of restaurants serving the type of foods you remember from your childhood, and Sundae Café on Tybee Island is one of our favorites! Open from 11 AM until 9 PM every day but Sunday, this former ice cream parlor is now a surf and turf eatery that may become your new obsession!

The Sundae Cafe is Located at 304 1st Street

The understated brick exterior of this local favorite doesn’t hint at the warm and elegant interior that is both welcoming and inviting. Wood tables and chairs, neutral walls, and the occasional sea scape hanging on the walls combine to create an atmosphere of cheerful elegance. The black garbed waitstaff is trained to be helpful without being intrusive and always know the perfect wine to go with that seafood dish you’ve been contemplating for the last 15 minutes!

An Extensive Menu

You know how it is when you are very hungry and everything on the menu looks and smells delicious? You won’t have to be hungry to feel the same way about the Sundae Café menu, and you will never be disappointed by an inferior dish! Featuring a large lunch menu that offers everything from fish tacos to buffalo chicken fingers to fried green tomatoes burgers to chicken salad, every bite will be even better than the last. Their dinner menu offers a sophisticated sampling of innovative dishes that includes a seafood cheesecake and fire roasted ribeyes, classic favorites of fried Wild Georgia Shrimp and Southern Oysters Rockefeller, and everything in between! An extensive martini menu featuring classic martinis (shaken or stirred), Cosmopolitans, and an ode to the peach state, a Georgia Peach martini made with peach vodka, peach schnapps, and a refreshing taste of pineapple juice. Good food, good drinks, and good company—it doesn’t get any better than this!

Home is Where the Heart Is

It may not be your permanent place of residence, but our Savannah and Tybee Island vacation rentals offer a home away from home that will make it difficult to leave at the end of your stay. Enjoy late night leftovers from the Sundae Café on Tybee Island at the breakfast bar in the fully equipped kitchen, play board games with the kids in the comfortably elegant living room, and sleep like a baby in cloud soft beds; reserve yours today!