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11 Aug 2020
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Dining out on tasty local cuisine is a highlight of any vacation. That’s true for those maintaining a vegan or plant-based lifestyle, too. Thankfully, chefs are creating delicious and creative ways to prepare vegan and plant-based dishes that appeal to any diner. 

Fox & Fig Cafe

The Beyond Meat burger at Fox & Fig Cafe gets rave reviews, even from non-vegans. Savannah’s premier plant-based eatery is currently open for take-out and delivery. Take advantage and you won’t be disappointed. Try the Gunslinger Pancakes made with oak milk and cashew butter or a Plant Food Picnic, a rotating selection of hummus, cashew cheese and pickles served with gluten-free cauliflower toast. Another favorite is the Smoky Mac made with cashew cheese sauce and toasted pinko bread crumbs. 

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Joe's at the Jepson

Joe’s at the Jepson offers casual gourmet cuisine with its ever-changing artisanal menu. Vegan selections include the Oglethorpe, a black bean burger with avocado and sliced tomato; the Pinpoint, an open-faced veggie sandwich of mashed avocado, baby heirloom tomatoes, red onion and mixed greens; and the Mayfair, an avocado wrap with cucumber, red onion, roasted pepper and carrot. Or order Joe’s Signature Tomato Basil soup served with fresh rosemary focaccia.

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Goose Feathers Cafe

Goose Feathers Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and brunch with an array of tasty selections. Their Veggie Panini is made with a flavorful combo of pesto, homemade panini oil, organic spinach, red peppers and mushrooms. Or try the Black Bean Burrito or The Scarbrough, a fresh spinach, mushroom and avocado wrap. Start off with a fresh-made gazpacho and one of several salads. 

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Fire Street Food

Located at Chippewa Square, Fire Street Food offers sushi and Asian fusion dishes. Try a Fire House Salad, a spring mix with romaine hearts, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, oranges, almost and a ginger spice dressing. Teriyaki Tofu is a blend of carrots, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini and squash served with fried or steamed rice. Tuk Tuk Noodles is all vegetables served with egg noodles and bamboo shoots. Or go with sushi. The Olgethorpe roll is made with cucumber, avocado, pickled carrot, asparagus, spring mix, pickled radish and sesame seeds. 

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Cafe M

Cafe M, located on East Bay Street just off River Street, is another of those fantastic finds. Choose the Mediterranean sandwich of seasonal hummus, roasted red peppers, deli pickles and mixed greens served on your choice of a croissant, 1/2 French baguette or gluten-free double decker club. The House salad is made with mixed greens, grapes, cucumber and dried cranberries. Their soup is Organic Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Bisque. Delicious!

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Not that we’ve whet your appetite, go ahead and book your stay to enjoy a Savannah getaway.

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