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18 Jan 2021
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Spend Labor Day weekend exploring Savannah, GA! Hop in a carriage for a ride, participate in a bar crawl, or attend a drag show for a fun-filled weekend exploring this unique city!

As we enter the final days of summer, it may be tempting to just hunker down in the cool air conditioning of your home, eating ice cream and binge-watching Netflix. It's hot outside; who wants to do anything during the dog days of summer? We fight the same urges as well, but with summer ending, don't you want to have SOMETHING to brag about to your friends and coworkers in your annual "this is what I did over summer vacation" conversations? Can you imagine the envy on their faces when they learn you spent Labor Day Weekend in sultry and sweet Savannah, Georgia? Now that we've convinced you, here's five fun things to do to make that weekend a perfect one!

The Drinking Class Labor Day Bar Crawl

When you think of Savannah, it's quite probable that you picture Southern belles drinking sweet tea and fanning themselves as they rock on the veranda of their plantations, and while that may still happen, you'll also find us drinking beer at various bars, earning points to win tee shirt and other free stuff on Labor Day! Happening on September 1st at Barrelhouse South, it costs $12 to register

Savannah Craft Brew Fest

Just in case you can't imbibe enough alcohol on your Labor Day Bar Crawl, the Savannah Craft Brew Fest is coming to town on September 1st as well! The VIP experience offers unlimited two-ounce "sampling of the suds" from over 40 breweries, food, and entertainment for $75, while $40 will get you general admission that offers the unlimited samplings and the same entertainment!

Explore the City by Carriage

The weather is still a bit warm on Labor Day, but a carriage ride through the streets of Savannah is still our favorite way to explore our Southern heritage. Clip clopping your way along the black top, the architecture of the historic district will bring to mind a softer, gentler time in history as you also get an idea of what sites you would like to return to and explore in greater detail. Carriage Tours of Savannah offers a variety of tours; check them out here.

Visit a Drag Show

One of Savannah's most prominent and beloved drag queens, The Lady Chablis, passed away in 2016, but Club One, her home away from home, continues its shows in her honor. Located at 1 Jefferson Street, the performers are talented, charming, and beautiful, making it a fun and laugh-filled Labor Day activity!

Take a Day to Enjoy Your Southern Belle Vacation Rentals

The beauty and charm of Savannah can be found in our homes as well. Designed to be lived in, we can't blame you for wanting to take a day and enjoy their amenities. Located within walking distance of everything that makes our Southern town special, your Labor Day Weekend will shine even brighter when you stay with us! Reserve yours today!