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5 Dec 2018
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Tybee Island, on Georgia’s coast, is home to three ocean beaches and two separate river beaches. The ocean beaches face east and the Atlantic Ocean, while each river beach is located on opposite ends of the island, north and south. The Savannah River Beach, the quietest beach on Tybee, faces the Savannah River, on the north end of the island.

Calmer Beach Experience

While seemingly not as easily accessible as Tybee’s three ocean beaches, the river beaches are much less crowded and offer a different beach experience from the ocean beaches. If you are looking for a peaceful, quieter beach experience, then the Savannah River Beach may be for you. You can lay on this sheltered beach and sunbathe, people watch, birdwatch and comb the wide beach for shells all without the noise and bustle from the usual beach sports and activities that are happening out on the ocean beaches.

Birds and Marine Life

If you are lucky, you’ll be able to watch a container ship silently glide by on their way to the Port of Savannah upriver or watch bottle-nose dolphins cavorting in the river and alongside the ships. And, since it is close to the Colonial Coast Birding Trail end, the Savannah River Beach is the perfect place to watch for all types of water and shore birds. The birds work their way in and around the jetties and in from adjacent birding trail. Marine life is abundant too, with the jetties adding another layer of diverse marine life to the usual beach habitat.


Be aware that the Savannah River Beach is just that – a beach. There are no real amenities here. There are no lifeguards, so you will need to keep an eye on your children and friends as they enjoy the water. There are no public restrooms, food and drink venues or parking at the Savannah River Beach, but they are just a short walk away at North Beach.

Savannah River Beach

The Savannah River Beach is a beach for people looking to enjoy the ocean, and looking for a quieter, calmer beach experience. Easily accessible from the more crowded North Beach, Savannah River Beach may not offer any of the ocean beaches’ amenities – but what it does offer is a true beach experience. For more information and directions to the Savannah River Beach, call the Tybee Island Visitor’s Center at 912-786-5444.

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