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3 Oct 2018
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There is no better time to go on a shopping spree than when you are on vacation. Shopping can help you enjoy hours of entertainment. When you stay in one of our vacation rentals you will be close to some of the best spots for Savannah shopping. Here is where you should check out for the best shopping experience in Savannah:

River Street

You will find the best souvenirs to take home from your exciting Savannah getaway over at River Street. This popular destination overlooks the Savannah River and is home to many delightful shops and boutiques. You can find Savannah-themed goods, home-made candy, jewelry, accessories, and so much more. Continue your shopping spree over the cobblestone street and check out the connection Upper Factors Walk for even more fun shops because it’s definitely a great place when going to Savannah and shopping around.

City Market

Going on a Savannah shopping spree is just one out of many things to do. Savannah is home to some of the best art galleries in all of the East Coast. You can find exciting galleries showcasing some of the best local artists over at City Market just blocks away from the Savannah River. In addition to having art for sale you can also find clothing stores, candy stores, and delicious restaurants. Once the sun goes down City Market turns into a thrilling night life spot with live music and bars that are open late.

Tanger Outlets

While shops unique to Savannah are a must-see, do not forget about the incredible deals found at the local outlet stores. Tanger Outlets is just a 15-minute drive away from downtown Savannah where you can find all the top name brands out there. Make sure to bring plenty of space in your luggage as you will not be able to leave with only one item from Tanger Outlets when you embark on your Savannah shopping spree.

Big Town Malls

A city the size of Savannah is expected to have plenty of big-sized malls, and it does not disappoint. You can find the Oglethorpe Mall and Savannah Mall right in the city featuring your favorite big box stores. From Burlington Coat Factory to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, there is something for everyone at these frequent shopping destinations.

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Come see why Savannah, Georgia is one of the top vacation getaways on the East Coast by staying in one of our vacation rentals. You will feel right at home with our exclusive lists of properties that will be just minutes away from all of these incredible shopping areas.