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28 Feb 2023
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Vacation Rental FAQ

Ready to plan a Savannah vacation? Take time to prep for your getaway, whether it’s a romantic retreat or family vacation. 

You have already made the most important decision of where to visit. Savannah provides the perfect vacation destination, with its charming streets and squares, time-honored traditions, delicious restaurants, and gothic history. This coastal city brings “laid-back” to the next-level, with its cocktails at every meal, unique shops and cast of quirky characters, all ready to greet you with Southern friendliness. 

When you book your Savannah vacation rental, keep these things in mind. 

How much room do you need? 

We have properties that range from one-bedroom carriage houses to large homes with four-plus bedrooms. A one-bedroom can often sleep four people, while the large homes accommodate six to 30 guests. All properties are designed to comfortably house its guests, with comfortable living spaces, dining rooms and kitchens.

Where to Book?

Southern Belle Vacation Rentals is a full-service company with a strong reputation for listening to customers and exceeding expectations. We pride ourselves on providing great homes with remarkable customer service, cleanliness, and an amazing experience for guests. 

Where do you want to be? 

Visitors to Savannah seek the charm of the city’s Historic District. Our rentals put guests smack dab in the center of scenic and desirable locations, within walking distance of squares, parks, restaurants, and boutiques. 

What’s included? 

Each bed has clean linens - sheets, pillowcases, and a blanket or comforter. Bathrooms are stocked with fresh towels and wash clothes, and an initial supply of hand soap and toilet tissue. Kitchens also have an initial stock of paper towels and trash bags.

What should I bring?

Each property is a little different in what’s available in the rentals. The short answer is bring your suitcase and not much else. But if you plan to visit the coast or a pool, bring beach towels as our towels can’t leave the premises. If you want to cook, stock up on groceries, condiments and spices. 

Can I bring my pet?

Sure, when you book one of our designated, pet-friendly properties. Otherwise, pets are not allowed. If you need help finding a pet-friendly home, call our reservationists at 912-289-0130.

We are here to ensure you have a memorable stay in Savannah. Let us know how we can help.