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18 Jan 2021
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Vacation Rental FAQ

Whether your job is bringing you to town on a temporary assignment or the move is permanent but your new life isn't falling into place as neatly as you would like, sometimes you find yourself in need of a corporate rental in Savannah. If this is you, we'd like to invite you to take a look at our Southern Belle Vacation Rentals. We're not just for vacations; when you need the space to spread out and make yourself at home for an extended period of time, there's no better place to land!

Friendly and Welcoming

If you have ever spent more than a single night or two in a hotel room, you can easily imagine what it would be like to stay for more than a month: living out of a suitcase, having to buy every meal, even paying for dry cleaning. It can be expensive and lonely, and when you add in an ever-changing supply of neighbors, ones that don't always know how to be "neighborly," well, we're sure you can immediately understand the need for a corporate rental.

Our homes are warm, welcoming, and are located in areas where people really do know how to be neighborly; it IS the South, you know! Take advantage of high end appliances, spacious kitchens that are perfect for whipping up a Sunday omelet or a full dinner for your fellow business people, and at the end of the evening, when the dishes are done and your guests have gone home, no one is going to care if you indulge in a solitary glass of wine on the back deck with only the moon to light your way! Some homes have private pools and hot tubs, others have views of the river that runs through town, and all are designed to make your stay in Georgia's oldest city a special one!

Getting to Know Your New Hometown

Whether you're waiting to find your dream home in your new hometown or are just biding your time until your corporate contract is up and you get to return home, there's plenty of activities and adventures to be had during your recreational hours. Explore the architecture of our historic city and see where the Girl Scouts got their start (the Juliette Gordon Lowe Home) or take a trolley ride through the streets, seeing everything at once. Dinners at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room are hearty and filled with all the deliciousness a Southern restaurant can offer, and music and comedy rule the night when you visit the Wormhole for a night of drinks and entertainment.