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Savannah is a bastion of class and fun. Around every corner from Forsyth to Congress St all the way down to River St you'll find a good time. And, if you know where to look, your group will have sunny days and even brighter nights. Southern Belle is here to make sure you can find what you're looking for, not just in a Savannah vacation rental, but in a unique way to experience the city itself.

We've collected some of our finest downtown Savannah vacation rentals which will act as more than just a home base. You can walk right out of your front door at any of these homes and step into the Savannah trip you've envisioned. Several of our homes are so close to the action you can leave your car keys at the home and never have to worry. The large homes collected below will also provide ample style and comfort to make sure your expectations are met, and exceeded. If you feel like cooking, there are gourmet kitchens in every home below. The beds are as luxurious as the baths and getting everyone around the TV to wind down is going to be a snap. Click on any home below and you will find reviews, every detail of the home, an easy way to book, photos, and a 3D walking tour so you can see every square inch as you plan your getaway.

We've also collected some activities to help get the wheels turning and push the trip over the top from fun to truly memorable. We know you've been got an idea of exactly what your group is looking to do. But take it from locals, you don't want to miss anything. Let's get into that. That's the fun bit anyway, right?

The Days -
Wake up to some of the finest brunch Savannah has to offer at Collins Quarter. Their farm-to-table meals and outstanding cold brew might make you reconsider the mimosas. Or if you just want to go for a stroll take in Forsyth Park by hitting The Sentient Bean. Their outstanding coffee and vegetarian fair including smoothies, sandwiches, and the best sunflower bar you could ever hope for will go well with a nice walk through Savannah's largest and most iconic green space. Or just hit Savannah Day Spa a short walk from anywhere you're staying. Their offerings and atmosphere can't be beat.

Touring the City -
If this is your first time in town you may want to see the city because you wouldn't want to travel to Paris and miss the Eiffel Tower right? We've got a couple non-traditional suggestions. For horror fans we like the Hearse Ghost Tours. It may seem silly but it is an amazing to take in the city and learn about it's dark past. The drivers are knowledgeable, fun, and won't shy away from satisfying your morbid curiosity. Another option is Savannah Slow Ride. You'll get a tour of downtown Savannah on a rolling bar for a super reasonable price and a nice kick-off to the evening.

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