Heated Pool Access | 5*Clean | Flex Cancelation | Wonderful Tybee Home. Located on the South End of the Island. A short 2 min Walk gets you to the Beach

Great Balconies and Private parking make your time at the Beach Stressfree

  10 guests
  4 bedrooms
  3 bathrooms
  2200 sq. ft.

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Sleeping Arrangement

Bedroom 1
1 Queen
Bedroom 2
2 Kings
Bedroom 3
1 Bunk Bed
Bedroom 4
2 Twins


++++Southern Belle Vacation Rentals in Savannah, GA and Tybee Island, GA provides first class amenities including heated pool access at our exclusive resort-style heated pool. THE POOL IS NOW OPEN as of May 14,2020. All chairs, furniture, and restrooms at our pool are disinfected daily using quaternary disinfectants. Our pool is located at 19 Silver Avenue on Tybee Island.++++
++++The City of Savannah and Tybee Beaches are open. New stores and restaurants are opening daily, and we are welcoming out of town visitors.++++
++++We’re open for reservations! You don’t need to ask. You are welcome to book our properties online with instant booking, or you may also call our office for a reservationist to assist you.++++

++++As of March 15th, 2020 we have added an additional step using high-end quaternary disinfectants to disinfect our homes. All homes are cleaned after each stay and then additionally disinfected using a quaternary disinfectant throughout the entire property prior to each new arrival. The methods we use and the products we apply to surfaces containing quaternary disinfectant in the home are THE ONLY CDC approved methods for killing COVID-19 on surfaces. These quaternary disinfectant products and methods are the same used in hospital procedures.++++
++++To make your trip easier to plan, all reservations booked after April 12th, 2020 only require a $500 deposit be placed towards your reservation. 30 days prior to checking in the remaining balance will be charged. In the event you cancel before 30 days you only risk losing the deposit. In the event your cancelled booking is rebooked for the same amount we would refund the entire deposit. If the reservation is booked for less than your booking then your deposit will make up the difference between the two reservations and any overage will be refunded to you.

If you cancel inside of 30 days prior to arrival, once the entire balance is paid, the entire rent would be lost unless the home is rebooked for your dates. If your home is rebooked for the same amount you would be refunded the entire rent. If the home is rebooked for less than your original booking your rent will make up the difference and any overage would be refunded to you.++++

As a barrier island off Georgia’s coastline, Tybee Island has served many purposes throughout the centuries. Native Americans used its bountiful wildlife as hunting grounds while 16th Century pirates used its dense foliage and freshwater inlets as a haven from their rather hectic lives. Although Tybee doesn’t see very many pirates nowadays, it’s still regarded as a hunting ground, albeit with a slightly different goal.

Each year, over one million vacation hunters descend upon its expansive sandy beaches in search of the ultimate game: relaxation. With such an elusive target, how can you ensure success? As previous vacation hunters already know, accommodation quality determines whether you go home with replenished relaxation stockpile or empty-handed.

Vibrant Decor + Unexpected Amenities = Sunshine on Tybee

Located along the southernmost residential district, Sunshine on Tybee positions guests within minutes of culinary adventures and unparalleled beaches. However, its coveted location isn’t the only amenity offered by this sprawling vacation home.

Designed to reflect the vibrant colors of our beaches, Sunshine on Tybee isn’t what you’d expect from Tybee vacation rentals. Other vacations homes Tybee Island typically follow the hotel rulebook when it comes to interior design. From bland walls to lifeless decor, standard Tybee vacation rentals aren’t usually regarded as a visual adventure. But then there’s Sunshine on Tybee.

Vibrant Vacations Start Here - Living Room, Kitchen and More

From the moment you park in the reserved parking space, it’s clear this isn’t your standard vacation home. Others may design for sterility, Sunshine on Tybee is designed to fully immerse you into a sea of pure comfort. The pastel color pallet adorning walls creates an inviting space reminiscent of traditional beachfront cottages.

Tired of vacations homes Tybee Island designed like a box? If so, you’ll fall in love with the varied room sizes and shapes found throughout the home. Much like the waterways surrounding the island, hallways meander throughout its 2,200 square-foot floor plan.

Tybee Island vacations should help you unwind and enjoy time with your loved ones. The open living room and kitchen floor plan keeps everyone together without feeling overcrowded. Within the living room, there’s ample seating for your entire family to unwind after a long day. The tan sofa invites guests to kickback and relax on its plush cushions. With an adjoining loveseat and arm chair, everyone can be cozy while playing a game on the oversized coffee table or watching a movie on the flatscreen TV.

Off to the side of the space is the retro-inspired dining table. With a glossy surface and seating for six, it’s perfect place for a homemade breakfast or playing a round of cards. If there’s one thing the living room and kitchen area is missing, it’s not seating. The kitchen island features elevated barstool seating for three.

As you move into the kitchen, the stainless steel refrigerator offers convenient access to perishables while kitchen island sink makes washing hands before dinner a breeze. The full-sized glass cooktop range oven can support even the most complex of meals. Cleanup is effortless thanks to the smartly placed dishwasher. Like our other Tybee vacation rentals, Sunshine on Tybee comes fully stocked with everything from dishes and utensils to cookware and dish soap.

Vacation Comforts While You Sleep - Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Sunshine on Tybee is designed to bring groups of loved ones together. With a total of four bedrooms and three bathrooms, you’ll never feel cramped while preparing for another day of adventure. Each of the four bedrooms features a unique style and sleeping arrangement.

Regardless of interior design elements, bedrooms come with comfortable linens and plush pillows to help restore your mind and body. Sleeping arrangements vary from a sprawling loft-inspired bedroom with two king beds and a flatscreen TV to a cozy retreat outfitted with bunk beds and two armchairs. Other bedrooms include two twin beds while the last bedroom offers more privacy with its queen bed and private bathroom.

When you think about vacations homes Tybee Island, delightful bathrooms probably isn’t the first thought. But that’s exactly what you get at Sunshine on Tybee. Each of the three bathrooms delivers a hefty dose of personality. From its bright color choice to its perfectly designed fixtures, morning routines have never been so fun.

From Beachfront to City - Our Location

With so many options, the only problem with Tybee Island vacations is deciding what to do. Situated along the southeastern shore, Sunshine on Tybee solves this problem by putting you within minutes to almost everything Tybee offers. This is perhaps the greatest amenity out of any vacations homes Tybee Island.

Located just off U.S. Highway 80, getting in and around Tybee is as easy as pulling out of your private parking space and turning north. In only a few minutes, find yourself basking in the culinary delights and entertainment attractions along the Tybee Beach Pier and Pavilion. Continue to drive north, and step back in time at the various historic attractions, such as the famed Tybee Island Light Station.

While Tybee and Savannah offer a variety of sites and attractions, the real star of Tybee Island vacations is the beach. Sunshine on Tybee delivers the rare beauty of Georgia’s coastline in only a few minutes walk. In less time than it takes to grab your Monday morning coffee, you’ll be soaking up the warm southern sun along one of the most celebrated beaches in the country.

Experience Our Comfortable Paradise - Book Sunshine on Tybee Today!

Whether you’re hosting a friends getaway, or an overdue family retreat, Sunshine on Tybee offers the rarest amenity out of all Tybee vacation rentals, relaxed luxury. From its fun and welcoming decor to its unprecedented beach access, isn’t it time to experience the best in Tybee Island vacations?

Take charge of your vacation and book your stay at Sunshine on Tybee without delay!


  • Heated Pool Access
  • Elevator Access in Building
  • Full Kitchen
  • Drip Coffee Maker
  • Patio
  • TV's Throughout Home
  • 1 Queen
  • 2 Kings
  • 2 Twins
  • 1 Bunk Bed with Twin and Full
  • 3 Baths
  • Free Wi-Fi



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