Weather conditions throughout the year In Savannah and Tybee Island

The weather in Savannah, Georgia and Tybee Island can vary depending on the time of year. In January, the temperatures may drop as low as 37F and possibly a little chillier. In July, the temperature may hit as high as 105F.

Any time of year is a good time to visit Savannah and Savannah's beach, Tybee Island. A trip to the beach with family and friends or an afternoon stroll through the historic district in Savannah will be a wonderful experience.You can expect to find the weather in January and February to be somewhat chilly with days of warm weather in between. You probably will want to pack your shorts as well as your jeans and jacket for these months.

Beginning in early March, April and May, you'll find mainly warm weather; however, there will be days where you might want your favorite pair of blue jeans and really light jacket.

In May, June and July, the weather will be nice and warm. Pretty much the only thing you'll need to bring is your flip-flops, shorts, suntan, and hiking shoes. Towards the end of summer heading into September and mid-September, you will find the temperature may drop, but for the most part will still stay pretty warm. As far as clothing attire, you're flip flops, shorts, and short sleeve T-shirts will be just fine. You still might want to bring a light jacket whether you use it for a cooler night or an occasional rainy day.

The weather in late September and October is great. You will find the weather willbe warm on most days, butoccasionally the temperatureswill get into the low 70s maybe low 60s.

FromNovember through February, theweather may get chilly with occasionalwarm days. Trying to describe the weather during these months can be hard, because of the temperature swings that may occur from day to day. Some years Savannah and Tybee Island have very mild winters. These mild winterstend tospoil the locals and provide almost warm weather year round.

For a more precise weather forecast and the actual temperatures, please refer to the links below. These linkswill provide up-to-date and accurate information on Savannah and Tybee Island'sweather.

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Current Weather for Savannah -Courtesy of The National Weather Service

Curent Weather for Tybee Island-Courtesy of The National Weather Service