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23 Oct 2018
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Looking for unusual things to see in Savannah GA? It should be of no surprise to learn that cemeteries are popular destination spots during vacations, as the human animal is enamored with a brush with fame, regardless of whether that famous person is alive or not. Pere Lachaise in Paris, the final resting spot of Chopin, Jim Morrison, and Sarah Bernhardt; Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, where both John and Robert Kennedy were buried; and right here in Savannah is Colonial Park Cemetery, which has had its share of local and national celebrities interred on its grounds as well. If cemeteries fascinate you, it’s well worth the time to spend a few hours exploring the grounds of this historic cemetery.

About Colonial Park Cemetery

While not the oldest cemetery in America, Colonial Park definitely ranks up there in age. The first burial took place back in 1750, a full 26 years before our country became an independent nation. For the next 100 years the notable and the ordinary made this historic cemetery their final resting spot, and as you meander along the rows of ancient tombstones, it’s always interesting to read the words written on each concrete or granite gravestone. From the faded and moss-covered simple markers of people we no longer know to the more ornate tombs of Savannah’s upper class, seeing how people rest is almost as telling as observing them while still alive.

One of the more famous burials in the Colonial Park Cemetery is of Button Gwinnett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence; dying just one year after leaving his mark in history, he was killed after an argument regarding an invasion of Florida. It’s not known which side he took, but his gravesite is a fitting tribute to a man of his honor.

Visiting in the Summer

Travelers might want to take note of our sultry summer heat and plan accordingly. A visit during the morning hours will keep you cooler and may make it easier to find parking. And because Colonial Park Cemetery is a popular tourist attraction, it might be still easier to find a place to spot if you visit during the week, as opposed to weekends.

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