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24 Sep 2022
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Are you afraid of ghosts? Savannah’s historic buildings, homes and streets are crawling with ghastly tales of mayhem, murder, and mischief. 

There are good reasons why Savannah is named one of America’s most haunted cities. From doomed pirates to broken-hearted lovers to Revolutionary War-era soldiers, Savannah has more than its fair share of woeful legends. 

One such tale involves The Sorrel-Weed House, which dates to 1841. After the death of his first wife, Frances Sorrel married her younger sister, Matilda. He also allegedly began an affair with a young slave girl named Molly and set her up in a carriage house. When Matilda found out, she leapt to her death from the house’s second-story balcony. Weeks after, Molly was found hanging in the carriage house in an apparent suicide. But, Frances and Matilda lived next door when her suicide occurred. So why do Sorrel-Weed House visitors report a sensation of nausea or choking as they tour the home? Why do fully charged cell phones suddenly go dead?

Maybe it has nothing to do with Matilda and Molly. The home was constructed on the site of the Siege of Savannah, fought in October 1779 during the Revolutionary War. The battle left more than 1,000 dead. Could their ghosts be haunting the Sorrel-Weed House?

Staff at the Moon River Brewing Co. on Bay Street report unexplainable encounters, including bottles thrown, a woman pushed down the stairs, and other workers being slapped. To top it off, a glowing white apparition occupies the upper floors. Who causes the chaos? 

The building was constructed as the City Hotel in 1821 and often drew in customers from "up north.” Locals were not always welcoming, and violence caused the hotel to close in 1864. The building was spared by Gen. William Sherman’s March to the Sea, but was not revitalized for more than 100 years. Could it be disgruntled patrons holding a grudge?

Speaking of the Civil War, the Marshall House, built in 1851, was used as Sherman’s headquarters and a Union hospital. Because of an extremely cold winter that froze the ground, doctors buried amputated legs and arms under floorboards. Visitors today report seeing a soldier with just one arm wandering the lobby, carrying his lost arm, and looking for a surgeon. 

Visit the sites and hear more tales by booking one of Savannah’s ghost tours. Ghosts & Gravestones of Savannah offers several spine-tingling tours with seasoned guides who will regale you with the tales of the dead. Or take the Spirited Savannah Tour with Savannah Tours and Tales; a haunted experience from Ghost City Tours; or the Blue Orb Tours ZombieTour (for 18 and over) or Savannah Shadows Family Tour for all ages. 

Have no fear when you book your Savannah vacation property. Our rentals are carefully chosen and meticulously upgraded to include modern features that ensure guests have a comfortable and memorable stay. While many of our properties are preserved for their historic integrity, we try not to keep the ghosts. But, let us know if you experience a supernatural visit.