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Forsyth Park in Savannah has been a hub of life in downtown Savannah since the park was first created in the 1840’s. For both tourists and locals, the park has always been the center of social interaction in Savannah. No matter what time of year it...

The Andrew Low House was built in 1848 on a lot facing Lafayette Square in Savannah. Andrew Low, who was a cotton broker from Scotland, hired New York architect John Norris to design and build this beautiful Italian-style mansion.

The First African Baptist Church in Savannah is located next to Franklin Square in downtown Savannah. The church is thought to be the oldest African-American church in the country.

The Green Meldrim House Savannah Historic Attraction is a historic mansion on the corner of Madison Square in Savannah.

One of the cultural delights to be found in Savannah, Georgia is the Mercer Williams House Museum. The site is known for its lovely and unique structural components as well as for its rich history.

Few places offer children the chance to roam unconstrained while they indulge their lively sense of curiosity and wonder in the world around them. The Savannah Children’s Museum is one such place.

Trolley tours are a wonderful way to get to know the gracious beauty and warm charm of Savannah. Not only are these Savannah trolley tours a fun way to get around, they are also informative and inexpensive.