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16 Aug 2013
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When it comes to fine dining in downtown Savannah, the team at Southern Belle Vacation Rentals has discovered a frontrunner. Alligator Soul is a beautiful and inviting upscale restaurant that won’t disappoint. Located in the Historic District of Savannah on Telfair Square, the eclectic restaurant offers guests the perfect combination of ambiance, delectable fare, and a warm and welcoming staff.

Alligator Soul Downtown Savannah

Alligator Soul debuted in 2003 and rapidly became one of the hot spots in the downtown area. Compared to other prestigious restaurants nearby, we believe Alligator Soul is distinctly unique. The basement-level location adds an air of mystery to the restaurant and the interior design has an undeniable magical southern elegance. Once you step into the eatery, every one of your senses will come to life.

The delightful staff members at Alligator Soul continually keep the customers’ needs in mind. Guests never need to feel dismissed or ignored because the employees work hard at making everyone feel special and welcome. How often can you go out to eat and feel adequately attended to throughout your entire dining experience? Each professional at the restaurant displays a professional attitude and appearance which optimizes the efficient service.

Fine Dining in Downtown Savannah

Not only does Alligator Soul provide its customers with a friendly and charming staff, it gives food fanatics something to get excited about. You won’t find burgers and fries at this establishment. The menu features fresh, natural, organic cuisine that is as delicious as it is healthy. Fine dining is taken to a higher level with the harmonious assortment of flavors presented in each dish. From the traditional to the exotic, the restaurant has a little bit of something for everyone.

While there are plenty of familiar entrees such as beef tenderloin, chicken and lamb, the menu is also loaded with unusual and interesting fare. If you’re an adventurous diner, we recommend sinking your teeth into the luscious yak, kangaroo, or ostrich specialties. For a taste of the South, you may want to order the lip-smacking bayou gator, turtle, and duck jambalaya. You can even take your adventure to the sea and opt for the scrumptious blue crab tart.

Elegant Restaurant is the Ultimate Destination

If you save room for dessert, you can savor some of the most decadent and heavenly flavors you will ever sample. From the rich and succulent beignets, to the delicious, creamy, and airy dark chocolate torte, the mouthwatering choices are plentiful. Top off your visit with a yummy dessert cocktail or glass of wine from the extensive list of options.

When you’re on the hunt for fine dining in downtown Savannah don’t miss out on the Alligator Soul experience. This elegant restaurant is the ultimate destination whether you want a romantic place to celebrate a special occasion or you need to pamper yourself with an exquisite meal in a refined setting. Alligator Soul is a treasure in the middle of the city and the memories you and your taste buds make there will last a lifetime.