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19 Jul 2013
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While planning your perfect Savannah vacation, review the accommodations from Southern Belle Vacation Rentals as we offer lodging options in a variety of locations. During your Savannah vacation, be sure to plan a day on Tybee Island to enjoy The Breakfast Club on Tybee Island. The beach which is just 20 minutes from Savannah where you can enjoy sandy beaches, wildlife, and scenic landscapes. You’ll also have the chance to eat at the best breakfast restaurant on Tybee Island, The Breakfast Club, which is open every day from 7am until 1pm. The eatery serves memorable cuisine at affordable prices.

About The Breakfast Club

When you eat at The Breakfast Club, you’ll be dining at a family owned and operated eatery. The establishment has won the award for “Best Breakfast in Savannah” several times. The Breakfast Club’s staff makes the restaurant’s sausages and sauces by hand, and prepare all of the vegetables for the menu items to make sure that each dish features fresh ingredients.

Be sure to bring cash with you to tip the staff because when you give them gratuity, they’ll express their appreciation by ringing a dinner triangle, playing a percussion instrument, and blowing a bicycle horn. In addition, they may bang on the restaurant’s cowbells with their kitchen equipment.

The Breakfast Club Restaurant History

Helen Sadowsky opened The Breakfast Club in 1976. Jodee and Nick, Helen’s two sons, decided to help run the eatery. In fact, Jodee took charge of the head chef position. The family moved to the coastal Georgia Island to share their delicious recipes and cooking abilities with the island’s residents and visitors.

The Breakfast Club Chef

Jodee had the opportunity to take cooking classes from New York’s Culinary Institute of America. He refined his cooking skills in several West Coast restaurants before returning to Georgia to work at his family’s establishment. He also worked with other caterers to provide the food for JFK Jr.’s wedding. Jodee’s favorite meal at the restaurant is the Breakfast Club Chorizo because the chorizo sausage is handmade.

The Breakfast Club Menu

The Breakfast Club’s menu features specialty dishes like the PMS omelet which includes ingredients like parmesan cheese, mushrooms, and spinach. You can also order cheese, ham, and cheese in the Denver omelets. Additionally, the restaurant serves egg plates with one or two eggs. With an egg plate, you can add a meat or a specialty meat. The B.C. Scrambler is another great menu item, and when you order it, you’ll choose a meat, two vegetables and a cheese which will be scrambled together. The dish includes grits and toast. House specials consist of eggs Florentine, the Blackhawk breakfast burrito, and country fried steak.

If you arrive to The Breakfast Club a little later and prefer lunch, then you can order hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and deluxe burgers. The establishment’s menu also has grilled cheese, BLTs, and egg sandwiches.