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26 Jun 2013
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The folks here at Southern Belle Vacation Rentals work hard to create a memorable environment that will help you relax, unwind, and enjoy your vacation and entertainment at Jazz’d Tapas Bar Downtown Savannah. We certainly understand the importance of elegant lounge décor and comfortable seating arrangements. This is why we recommend Jazz’d Tapas Bar to our vacationing clientele. Expect to experience the finest in casual dining and live musical entertainment with interesting hosts and ambient environment lighting.

Live Entertainment, Lounge Environment

Never settle for an ordinary evening out on the town when you can experience a hub of cultural activity at the Jazz’d Tapas Bar. This little town is just buzzing about the atmosphere and the ambiance. Jazz’d Tapas Bar can attract and retain the finest talent in the service industry for this reason, but the dessert menu could be another possible motive. This is the hottest place to be when you need to entertain your guests or celebrate a special occasion.

Jazz’d Tapas Bar goes to extreme lengths to ensure that the quality of their live entertainment is top-notch and they also make sure that the volume allows you to hear what others are saying. After all, they could be telling you how much they love the band. Giving you a great experience is just a way of life and they help people celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays in Savannah. Many of our out-of-town guests patronize Jazz’d Tapas Bar for an extraordinary and memorable evening.

Over 30 Tapas

We recommend Jazz’d Tapas Bar for a good reason. They blend distinctive cultural elements with socially engaging presentations, meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. The quality of the total experience they provide has been known to occasionally convert someone over from the sports bar scene. Their chefs are truly amazing masters of the culinary arts and the wall paintings and ambient music create an ideal social environment.

Drinks, Wines, and Martinis

We really enjoy the extensive wine selection and savory martini drinks at Jazz’d Tapas Bar’s. Are you unsure of what drink will go with your tapas? Simply ask a knowledgeable server for some spirited and select advice on the matter. If their answer doesn’t fulfill your inexplicable need for controversy, simply ask the opinion of one of the bartenders. You are sure to end up with a collage of opinions on this important matter, and we are convinced that any selection will satisfy your palate as well as your curiosity.

If you have difficulty deciding which drink is the best, just try each suggestion on a different evening of the week. Eventually, you will be able to decide whether a chocolate martini or a Suscol Ranch Merlot is better suited to compliment your delightfully spicy calamari. Perhaps you leave without trying both options, and the matter never settled in your mind. We suggest alternating between servers’ suggestions until you find the right combination. However, this process has been known to take many years!