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15 Jul 2013
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Navigating the streets of Savannah during the warmer months of the year may leave some people craving a snack. When we are looking for an ice cream shop in downtown Savannah, we inevitably head to Leopold’s Ice Cream. With a range of flavors to choose from, customers will be wholly satisfied with the experience. The décor inside Leopold’s is representative of the 1930s and there are distinct Hollywood themes running through the entire store. In recent months, the shop has even partnered with the Savannah Book Festival by renaming various ice cream flavors after showcased authors. We give the entire operation our hearty approval.

Leopold’s Ice Cream

Leopold’s, which originally opened in 1919, was a landmark business in Savannah for many years. It was originally created by three Greek immigrants who happened to be brothers. Though the parlor closed in 1969, Stratton Leopold, son of one of the initial founders, always hoped to reopen the business. In 2004, the dream was realized. Many of the original fixtures were brought back. Following the joyful reopening a decade ago, business has been better than ever. In addition to ice cream, Leopold’s also offers a selection of fresh deli sandwiches. Because the establishment is dedicated to culinary greatness, we are positive that customers will be satisfied with the dining experience.

Nothing beats the ice cream itself. From single scoops to outrageously rich banana splits, newcomers will be able to find a favorite that they can return to again and again. For men and women who prefer extra rich treats, hot fudge sundaes, and chocolate nut sundaes are both available. The hot fudge sundae, which everyone should try at least once in life, is something from a dream. Leopold’s makes it with piping hot fudge, whipped cream, a cherry, and two scoops of heavenly vanilla ice cream. We’ve long recommended the sundae to anyone who is attempting to impress a date on a romantic night out.

Great Desserts in Downtown Savannah

Leopold’s also makes desserts with a twist. Instead of choosing ice cream treats that have been injected with chocolate, customers can opt for fruit sundaes. The preserves add a bit of natural sweetness to the dish. People can choose to have their sundaes topped with huckleberry, strawberry, or pineapple jam. If individuals happen to be on a health kick, they can happily opt for the Greek yogurt parfait. Topped with almonds, honey, and preserves, customers can enjoy an elegant treat without succumbing to the calorie monster. Lemonade and limeade refreshers are also available.

Once tourists have found an excellent deal through Southern Belle Vacation Rentals, they can make more extensive plans for exploring the local region. If they are seeking a wonderful ice cream shop in downtown Savannah, Leopold’s is the only real option. Travelers who have come to Savannah with a multitude of family members and friends may even want to become regulars at the store. Surrounded by ice cream, they can pass the summer without breaking a sweat.