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9 Jun 2013
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So you’ve come to Savannah for a taste of the best of the South. Southern Belle Vacation Rentals has supplied you with lovely, comfortable lodgings, and you’re ready to sample the local flavors. Naturally, while you’re in this part of the country, you’ll want some great Mediterranean food.

Mediterranean Dining Downtown Savannah

We jest, sort of, but there’s no reason not to enjoy the diverse selection of foods Savannah has to offer even while enjoying her exquisite atmosphere and legendary Southern charm. For great Mediterranean dining in downtown Savannah, be sure to visit The Mirage. You’ll have a unique encounter, to be sure, because this restaurant is more than just a place to eat, you can spend most of an evening here and have a whole range of cultural experiences.

Good food starts you off and the choices here touch on all the classic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. Appetizers alone feature spanakopita, falafel, hummus, baba ghanuj, and stuffed grape leaves. There’s also a selection of seafood starters along with a chef’s soup of the day. Lighter meals include a number of different wraps, including gyro, beef kabob, lamb kabob, falafel, and vegetable.

As is traditional for this type of dining, the menu contains several lamb entrees that highlight specific flavorings, such as caramelized apricots and a variety of spices. Don’t forget to try the plentiful other choices, including seafood, chicken and beef selections, as well as an assortment that vegetarians will appreciate.

The Mirage Nightly Entertainment

The Mirage Mediterranean Food in Savannah also offers nightly entertainment in the form of belly dancing. Your Mediterranean experience expands beyond wonderful flavors and the simple satisfaction of hunger with dance performances throughout the evening beginning at 6:30 p.m. The cultural affair doesn’t stop there, however, and it gets even more exotic because the Mirage is also a hookah lounge. Hookah is a centuries-old water pipe used for smoking regular tobacco that’s sometimes infused with fruit. It has a long history in Mediterranean society, but The Mirage in Savannah offers something a bit different and more in line with modern laws around public smoking. These hookahs feature non-nicotine tobacco mixed with molasses that’s infused with fruit flavors, creating a new taste experience. Additionally, hookah, or shisha, filters the smoke through water to cool it, resulting in a much milder smoke than with other methods.

Patrons can enjoy hookahs at The Mirage solo, with a friend, or in a small group of up to six people on a single instrument. It’s a different way to socialize after dinner or as a destination activity when out for an evening with friends. The hookah menu includes a variety of fruit flavors, including mango, guava, lemon, blueberry, grape, dragon fruit and several others.

The Mirage opens for dinner at 5 p.m. daily. Visitors can enjoy food, belly dancing and social gatherings until 12 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday and until 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday. More than just fine Mediterranean dining in downtown Savannah, The Mirage offers a full experience of the Middle East in the middle of the South.