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13 Jul 2013
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Ask any local in Savannah, Georgia, for a restaurant recommendation and we are likely to give you quite a long list. Savannah is full of excellent dining venues of every type, style, and cuisine. Choosing one can be rather difficult. If you are looking for true Southern dining in downtown Savannah though, there is one place that’s sure to be on everybody’s A-list: Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room. Four generations of the Wilkes family have been operating this charming former boardinghouse since 1943 and its history extends much further back than that.

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

Sema Wilkes’ commitment to local farmers and true Southern food continues on today, as does the restaurant’s dedication to family-style eating. When you sit down at Mrs. Wilkes’, there are no booths or tables for two. There are merely tables for ten to accommodate strangers sharing a common love for fried chicken and cornbread muffins. If you ask someone from Savannah about it, we are likely to have a story about someone we met for the first time at Mrs. Wilkes’, such as the guy who kept cleaning out the bowl of okra and tomatoes.

The experience of bonding with strangers over something as simple as food is a fun and powerful one; it makes you realize what you have been missing at all of those quiet dinners with your solitary plate of food and polite conversation. At Mrs. Wilkes’ there is always something to talk about: “That macaroni is amazing!” or “Pass the biscuits, please.” or “Hey, try this; it’s delicious!” The shared experience of authentic food is the bond that brings people together at Mrs. Wilke’s, the truest experience of Southern food in downtown Savannah.

Great Southern Food in Downtown Savannah

And what food it is! Mrs. Wilkes’ is famous for the juicy, tender fried chicken. My mouth waters just thinking about it! This scrumptious southern-style chicken comes with an incredible array of sides, from traditional stick-to-your bones sides like mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese to uniquely Southern concoctions like candied yams, butter beans, and collard greens. All of the dishes are shared family-style, and the waiters keep it coming. We Savannah natives know you never leave Mrs. Wilkes’ hungry.

To top it off, the menu changes daily. Each day of the week offers special sides and the menu is seasonal, meaning new offerings are always on the horizon. If you’re not a fan of the fried chicken, Mrs. Wilkes’ offers some of the best beef stew around and you can sop it up with biscuits made completely from scratch.

We’re proud of Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room here in Savannah. Part historical landmark, part tribute to local culinary history, this restaurant is the fullest expression of Southern dining in downtown Savannah. Whether you’re staying here with Southern Belle Vacation Rentals, visiting family and friends, or just passing through, we recommend you give this unique and exciting restaurant a try. The service is warm, the atmosphere is friendly and fun, and the food is outrageously good. What’s not to like? Come give Mrs. Wilkes’ a try!