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21 Aug 2018
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Spanky’s Beachside is a family friendly restaurant that features both pasta and Mexican food, offering something for all variety of tastes! Open every day of the week from 11 AM until 10 PM, it’s prime location on the water allows for incredible views that are the perfect accompaniment to the meals served here.

Located at 1605 Strand Avenue

Housed in your typical beach community style building, a covered patio on the second floor offers a great place to sit, eat, and enjoy the sun setting over the horizon as you sip your favorite adult beverage. Inside, the casual atmosphere makes it the perfect place to take your kids; not pretentious or overbearing, the people who work here understand our kids aren’t always as quiet as they should be! Stained glass lighting and décor, combined with the hum of floor fans cooling the air, give Spanky’s Beachside Tybee Island the feeling of your grandma’s beach cottage—always happy, always welcoming, and always filling the air with the fragrant aroma of something cooking!

The Menu at Spanky’s Beachside

Famous for being the home of the ORIGINAL chicken fingers, the menu at Spanky’s is extensive and delicious! Featuring appetizers that range from veggie platters to crab cakes to peel and eat shrimp, the large selection may have you scrutinizing their offerings a little longer than usual. They offer quesadillas, seafood baskets, sandwiches (they call them stackers here), pasta, wraps, steaks, and of course, those chicken fingers loved by children of all ages! Reasonably priced, excellently prepared, and hearty enough to satisfy the hungriest people in your travelling group, Spanky’s Beachside Tybee Island also offers take-out, allowing you to enjoy all their wonderful goodness in the comfort of your Southern Belle Vacation Rentals beachside escape!

Enjoy your own Beachside Dining

The great thing about renting a beachfront property from Southern Belle Vacation Rentals is knowing that EVERY meal can be beachside! As you sit out on the patio of your cheerful getaway, the sound of the ocean serenading you as the salty air kisses your cheeks, we wouldn’t be surprised if the words “paradise” and “I never want to leave this spot” float happily through your mind. Reserve yours today!