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26 Dec 2018
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When New Year’s Eve comes to mind, images of Time Square are usually soon to follow. But the secret is out that Savannah, Georgia is a wonderful place to ring in the New Year, especially in 2019. It is in this town that you will find a charm and opportunity for fun unlike you will find in the typical New Year’s destinations. The following are the top reasons that you should celebrate a Savannah New Years.

The Parties

You do not necessarily need a plan in order to find an amazing New Year’s Eve party in Savannah, as you will find countless options by simply walking around the city’s historic downtown area. But there are a few very special parties taking place this year. One of the most popular of these is taking place at the Grove; one of the city’s most famous bars. At this party, you will find 3 stories of unique fun, each offering a different experience so there is something for everyone. Throughout the floors, you will find 4 bars, DJs playing different types of music, and rooftop offering the best views of Savannah. This is the place to be for the champagne toast at midnight. Find it at 301 W. Congress Street. Tickets start at the low price of $25.


There is no more spectacular way to ring in the New Year than to take in an amazing fireworks display, of which you can find many in Savannah. And there is no better place to watch the show from than from the beach, which is what Savannah’s Tybee Island celebration provides. Find a spot on the beach on the south end of the island about 15 minutes from Savannah or grab a spot at countless restaurants or bars near the pier. The fireworks begin at midnight. For something in town, you can find the most exciting atmosphere along River Street, directly beside, you guessed it; the river.

Tybee Polar Plunge

There is no better way to spend a day on vacation than by getting to know the local community. And there is no better way to do this than by partaking in the polar plunge near the pier on Tybee Island. Hundreds of people gather on the beach at noon to swim in the chilly water of the ocean together. The Tybee Polar Plunge is an exhilarating experience that will leave you incredibly refreshed and ready to take on the first day of 2019. Not to mention it is a great way to have fun with the locals.

Find a Wonderful Place to Call Home

Finally, amazing vacation rentals make any occasion a good one to visit Savannah. And you can always find the best that the town has to offer through Southern Belle Vacation Rentals. Their selection of homes offers the unmistakable charm of the architecture in the east blended with modern amenities. This makes for a vacation that is cozy and luxurious. Contact us today to start planning your Savannah New Years!