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4 Aug 2013
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Renowned for its historic architecture, resplendent squares, and hospitality, Savannah attracts over 12 million visitors each year for Fun Savannah Vacations. In addition to its popular wedding venues and famous landmarks, there are several sites with poignant histories and reputations for paranormal activity. To investigate this part of the city’s heritage, you can climb aboard a “Trolley of the Doomed.” Gravedigger guides recount mysterious tales of murder and macabre events in Savannah, which is regarded as one of the most haunted cities in the United States. During trolley ghost tours in Savannah, you will view sites where specters have reportedly visited the living. Antebellum mansions, Spanish moss-enshrouded oaks, heavily perfumed magnolia trees and tales of fallen warriors evoking scenes of horrific battles accentuate the somber mood.

The Gribble House Savannah

One stop on the trolley tour is the site of the Gribble House which was the scene of a horrific murder in 1909. Newspaper accounts reported the triple homicide as one of the most gruesome events in Savannah’s history. Although a suspect was convicted based on a victim’s deathbed utterance, legend holds that the site continues to experience paranormal activity because the actual perpetrators escaped justice. Over the years, witnesses have reported unusual events including glowing lights and voices. Another stop is the Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery on River Street. Reputed to be the hub of the city’s paranormal activity, the business was once a purveyor of nautical goods for Savannah’s busy maritime industry. As you enter the historic building, special effects re-create the sounds and sights of a stormy night on the waterfront. A guide, dressed in period costume of a 19th century Savannahian, shares fascinating tales of River Street’s notorious past.

Savannah Trolley Ghost Tour

The tour reveals dark and tragic events that continue to cast their ominous shadows over the city. Some tales illustrate the desire of the ghosts to provide fairytale endings for heartrending events. One such story is the eternal love of a newly deceased widow and her husband who alleged returned upon her death as a spirit. Witnesses claim that the chivalrous general accompanied his wife on her final journey in an ethereal carriage.

Trolley ghost tours in Savannah are your opportunity to see some of the city’s most eerie sites and hear the moving tales behind its famous and infamous residents. You will hear horrific tales interwoven with gallows humor.