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23 Oct 2018
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During Prohibition the consumption of alcohol was declared illegal, much to the dismay of a large segment of American citizens, and while they may not have been outwardly vocal about their dislike of temperance, behind closed doors they made their feelings clear. Bootleggers became the new American heroes, and Blind Pigs (slang for speakeasies) were a popular way to get what they needed. Bathtub gin, brick wine, and white lightning were the beverages of choice during these dark days. The government soon saw the error of their ways, but even when prohibition was overturned distilleries stayed illegal for a very long time, including our personal favorite, the Ghost Coast Distillery, the first LEGAL distillery to open in Savannah in over 100 years. If you’re looking for the best Savannah GA things to do, add this attraction to your list.

Find the Ghost Coast Distillery at 641 Indian Street, Savannah

2017 was an excellent year for all of Georgia. Many sports teams did well, the solar eclipse attracted tourists by the thousands, and Ghost Coast Distillery opened its doors. Making magical batches of vodka and whiskey, as well as offering tours of its distillery that culminate in a taste of “the good stuff” (for those 21 and over only, of course), the lights came back on in Georgia when they opened for business.

Their cocktail room is open every day except Mondays. Operating hours are 12PM through 9PM Tuesday through Saturday and 12:30 PM through 5:30 PM on Sundays. Tours are available from 12 till 6 Tuesday through Saturday and 12:30 through 5PM on Sundays and offer a fascinating glimpse into the history of spirits in Georgia, also serving as a teaching experience as you learn to make more than a few of their mixologist’s favorite beverages. Children are allowed on the tour but must be closely monitored by their parents or risk getting tossed from the tour. Beginning with a video about Prohibition, members are then taken through the entire process of creating Ghost Coast Distillery products. From the distillery room to the barrel room, production room, and, of course, the tasting room, your tour will not disappoint.

Buy a Bottle or Three

Sitting on the back porch of your Savannah vacation rental sipping on a Ghost Coast Greyhound or a Fuzzy Savannah makes a beautiful sunset shine even more brilliantly. Buy a bottle or two during your tour and bring it back to your vacation home away from home. Reserve your stay today!