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23 Oct 2018
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Looking for the best Savannah attractions? We can never seem to learn enough about the wildlife that make their homes in the wooded areas around Savannah, and the Oatland Island Wildlife Center is another star natural attraction we recommend to all our guests. Serving as both an educational wildlife preserve and small zoo, your Georgia explorations will include magical memories of the cuddly and not so cuddly creatures that make their home in this worthy establishment. Just remember, no matter how much that gray wolf reminds you of your precious pooch back home, he is a wild animal and he will not fit in your carryon!

The Oatland Island Wildlife Center  Is Located at 711 Sandtown Road

The best way to protect the delicate creatures we share our world with is through education, and Oatland Island Wildlife Center provides just that. Their mission, loosely stated, is to bond human and animal in such a fun way that their guests will do their part to preserve and protect.

Home to a large selection of animals, both domestic and wild, their habitats are divided into areas according to type. The Georgia Farm is where you will find cows, turkeys, donkeys and other farm animals, while the Hoofed Animals Section is where the American bison and white-tailed deer roam. The Predators of Georgia segment of the wildlife center is home to the wild hunters of nature, including cougars and red foxes, and although the Wolf Wilderness area is home to the aforementioned gray wolf, it shares its home with armadillos, squirrels, snakes, and turtles as well. The Birds of Prey region is self-explanatory, and we highly recommend a visit to the red-shouldered hawk. And finally, the main building offers the opportunity to explore more of Georgia’s cold-blooded creatures, from alligators to tortoises to snakes and toads.

You might want to plan on spending more than a couple of hours at this exciting wildlife refuge. Because admission is only $5 for adults, $3 for children (4-17), Seniors (65+), the military, and students, a visit to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center easily fits into even the tightest vacation budgets!

As the Sunset Signals the End of Another Perfect Savannah Day

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