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23 Oct 2018
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Parks and Rec

Interested in the best Savannah GA attractions? While it’s true that a large part of our attraction to tourists is the stately homes and museums found on nearly every street in Savannah, it’s important to acknowledge the breathtaking beauty of our natural landscape as well. Ancient trees provide shade and comfort, the green of the plants, the vibrant colors of the flowers that grow wild and free, and the river that runs through the center of town gives visitors a place to quietly stroll and admire as peaceful thoughts run through their minds. All very tame and sedate, but when you want to experience the wild side of Georgia, nearby Skidaway Island State Park will provide the excitement you crave.

Skidaway Island State Park Is Located at 52 Diamond Causeway

Everyone needs a bit of nature in their life, and your visit to Skidaway Island State Park never fails to please. Offering dirt paths to follow under tall pines that help keep you cool, even during the hottest days of summer, pack a lunch, carry water, and lose yourself in the glory of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Marshes with swaying grass provide sustenance, water, and in some cases, homes to the creatures of the wild; bring a camera and some binoculars and take the time to document their existence. An integral part of the Colonial Coast Birding Trail, there have been over 300 different species of birds found along the trail, so load up your birding app and keep track of all those you see!

Because kids like to have fun outside too, and that doesn’t always mean six-mile hikes, there are three different playgrounds in the park. Five picnic shelters can be rented for special events or just used to enjoy a break, a snack, and more of that incredible view. Rent a bike and ride along the wooden and dirt paths, rent a kayak and make your way through the marshes, or sign into a geocaching website and seek treasure while you get some much-needed fresh air. Skidaway Island State Park is a natural paradise you’ll never want to leave!

Rest Your Tired Bodies

What is it about being outdoors that makes you feel as if you could eat a 10 course meal and then sleep for a week after? Your day in the park will be that much sweeter when you rest, recharge, and revive in one of our Savannah vacation rentals. Offering luxury amenities, comfortable furnishings, and the perfect place for some much needed family time, your Savannah vacation is destined to be a memorable one when you stay with us. Reserve yours today!