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18 Jan 2021
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Dolphins are plentiful in Georgia's coastal waters. And there is no better place to see them than around Tybee Island. While you may see dolphins while walking on the beach at Tybee, why not take a boat tour specifically planned for that up close and personal dolphin experience? Imagine the fun of having cavorting dolphins racing next to your boat! Here are a few top Tybee dolphin tours to get you started.

5 Best Tybee Dolphin Tours

Captain Mike's Dolphin Tours

This family owned business has been offering tours since the early 1990's. Their dolphin tour offers views of Ft. Pulaski, Cockspur and Tybee lighthouses, and the barrier islands, with wildlife from sea turtles, shore birds and of course the bottle-nosed dolphin. Special rates are available for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and school groups. 

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Sundial Nature Tours

Sundial Charters offers fishing and nature tours exploring the barrier islands of the Georgia Coast. They have tours for fossil hunting, birding, salt marsh ecology, shelling and beach combing and of course, dolphin watching. 

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Tybee Island Charters

Tybee Island Charters offers two chartered tours, each with the possibility of encountering dolphins. Take an eco-tour through the coastal estuaries into the interior waterways of Little Tybee and enjoy bird and wildlife sightings, shelling and beachcombing. Or head to the north end of Tybee Island and the Savannah River. 

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Captain Derek's Dolphin Adventure

The Captain Derek cruise is like no other. Hit the seas in a high powered 54' boat (700 HP with a top speed of 30 knots and a full-sized restroom). This high speed dolphin tour goes past Ft. Pulaski, the Cockspur and Tybee lighthouses. Dolphin sightings guaranteed. To book your adventure, visit .

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Crabdaddy's River Adventures, LLC

Explore the tidal creeks around Tybee in a small group, onboard an 18' Carolina skiff. Inshore fishing tours and dolphin adventures are offered. Birds and wildlife and dolphins! For more information and to book your tour online

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Scenery and Dolphins

Whether cruising along the Tybee coast enjoying views of Ft. Pulaski, lighthouses, and barrier islands, or meandering along the scenic inland waterways, just sit back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, birds and wildlife and of course, bottle-nose dolphins. Call Southern Belle today to book your getaway in our exclusive vacation rentals!