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11 Mar 2013
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Parks and Rec

On any given Tuesday or Thursday afternoon in Savannah’s Forsyth Park, the game is on. The game, a combination of football and soccer, is ultimate frisbee and brings together friends as well as strangers in pursuit of high energy fun and competitiveness. City visitors, area college students and Savannah natives frequent the beautiful park, coming in search of a relaxing getaway, to study or to play. A grand setting for ultimate frisbee and a multitude of other activities. Forsyth Park is a 30 acre public park rich with history. Nestled beneath the old oaks, it is situated in downtown Savannah between Whitaker and Drayton Streets.

Forsyth Park Event Calendar

The park includes a play area for children as well as tennis and basketball courts for the sports enthusiast or the spectator alike. If that’s not your style, try one of the large open areas for a game of soccer or flag football or just a romp with your four legged pal. For those looking for a quiet repose, there are grassy areas or benches near a graceful fountain for settling in with a good book. Spend some time catching up with an old friend over a cup of coffee from The Sentient Bean located at the southern end of the park. Or, if you’re lucky, you might happen to be in town just in time to catch one of the free concerts playing in Forsyth Park’s bandshell. There are even festivals & movie nights as well from time to time at this beautiful park. 

Forsyth Mansion

For the history buff or architecture enthusiast, there is the newly restored fort that was originally designed for National Guard training in 1915 and is now home to a Visitor Center and Forsyth Park Café. The park is also adorned with beautiful structures like the fountain at the north entrance of the park which was put into place in 1858. The Confederate Memorial is near the center of the park and the Forsyth Mansion is located on the eastern side of the park. There are also many historical homes and buildings surrounding the park. Forsyth Park is one of Savannah’s defining areas. It showcases the history, the elegance, and the sporting nature of this coastal city; a city so rich in heritage and full of life, perhaps this is what prompted General Sherman to present her to President Abraham Lincoln as a Christmas present.