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When the sun goes down on this historic city by the sea, the fun rises up! Locals and tourists alike love to take part in the all that Savannah has to offer. Savannah’s nightlife scene is booming and, no matter who you are, the local establishments offer a wide selection for all ages and interests!

Renowned for its historic architecture, resplendent squares, and hospitality, Savannah attracts over 12 million visitors each year for Fun Savannah Vacations. In addition to its popular wedding venues and famous landmarks, there are several sites with poignant histories and reputations for paranormal activity.

Who’d expect to be able to eat bangers and Yorkshire pudding in the heart of one of the American South’s most iconic cities? It’s been more than 200 years since the Union Jack flew over Georgia, but nobody’s counting at this delightful restaurant in downtown Savannah.

Savannah offers a wide variety of dancing styles ranging from swing to salsa to ballroom to your typical nightlife club dancing. Here’s just a few of the awesome places we know about perfect for all ages!